The DMR is OP in Warzone again after huge recent buff

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As is always the case with a new season or mid-season update, various weapons in Warzone have been buffed and nerfed in Season 5 Reloaded. Now, it seems like the DMR is OP once more, following a significant buff.

DMR Patch Notes

The DMR was the go-to gun back in Warzone Season 1 and remained unbeatable for a while. It might still be the most OP weapon in Warzone history.

In the Season 5 Reloaded update patch notes, Raven had the following to say about the DMR.

"Rather than an outright ‘decrease’ to Recoil, this change is more of a rework. The DMR 14 (BOCW) has languished since its changes in season one, but it has not been forgotten. Expect the DMR 14 (BOCW) to feel like a new Weapon. Semi-auto Weapon enthusiasts rejoice, as the DMR 14 (BOCW) may see a real resurgence following this change."

They said that it's just a recoil adjustment, rather than a decrease, but it has a green arrow next to it in the changes table, suggesting a buff.

New DMR in Action

Looking at some new videos of the DMR in action in Season 5, it's clear that it's over powered once more.

The recoil pattern is nowhere near as violent, especially vertically, so it's a lot easier to control.

Check out the video from @ModernWarzone below, which showcases the power of the weapon since the update.

I know not everyone loved the DMR being overpowered, but I am all for the resurgence, since it was one of the only guns I was good with.


Full Patch Notes

If you want to see the full patch notes, you can check them out over on the Call of Duty website.

They run down the weapon balance changes, including what's been nerfed and what's been buffed.

dmr, warzone patch notes
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Unlike at the start of Season 5, there has been a lot of changes this week to try and switch the meta up a little bit.