Warzone devs hints at Caledra map changes coming in Season 2 update

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After waiting nearly two years for a new full-size map overhaul, Warzone players haven't been too keen on the final results. The new map, Caldera, set players on a Pacific island in which they could fill their Battle Royale desires.

Unfortunately for fans, the new update brought forth a plethora of issues, and even though it did get an 80s theme with the likes of Rambo and John McClane joining the battle, it still didn't quite measure up to the hype and expectations.

That's where the Season 2 update comes into play. Although delayed, the update attacked various bugs and issues while also bringing a much-needed content update to the game. One of these new additions stands out from the bunch, an update to the Caldera map itself.

Warzone Season 2 update will include a Caldera map update

First spotted by a Warzone player on Twitter, it seems Raven Software has acknowledged the fact that some entire buildings appear on the minimap without showing up in-game with a teasing note that some changes are inbound in Season 2.


While these changes won't be revolutionary, they seem to at least include some building repositioning and maybe even some new additions. There could also be more in store from Raven Software for Season 2 launch day.

Apart from these minor tweaks and additions, there's no telling if Caldera will be seeing a big change so soon. But Warzone fans can rejoice, as it seems certain that the new Warzone map is changing, and hopefully for the better.