Warzone audio leaks point towards end of Verdansk in Season 2 event

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It seems like the end of Verdansk might finally be coming later in Season 2, if the new Warzone audio file leaks are to be believed.

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Pointed out by @ZestyCODLeaks on Twitter, the audio clips see prominent characters talk about how the Warzone map might be overrun by Zombies in Season 2.

Audio Leaks

The leaks, which you can see here, include the following quotes:

  • Gaz shouts "this is the end!"
  • "stay alert, you're getting close to a plague zone"
  • "Verdansk is overrun, take it back"
  • "Verdansk is overrun, all teams need to exfil immediately.

The video that includes all the audio clips is nearly six minutes long, so points towards more than just a cutscene being what's coming later in Season 2.

What Might Happen in Season 2

The quotes point towards a playable event happening later on in the season, much like the Black Ops Cold War reveal event last year.

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The audio files are of in-game Operators shouting instructions at players, presumably as they try to escape the zombies that will likely begin to overrun Verdansk.


They're currently confined to the Shipwreck on the coast of the map, but the challenges in the Outbreak Event point towards them spreading out sooner rather than later.

Also, a report from VGC that was published last week suggested that the nukes that also appeared at the beginning of Season 2 would be used to destroy Verdansk and move the battle royale somewhere new.

warzone audio leaks season 2 event
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Zombies will take over more than Cold War

The new leaked audio files only serve to back up that idea, with players being asked to exfil after "Verdansk has been lost."


Warzone Season 2 Event Date

As for when the Season 2 event might take place, it's difficult to say.

It'll be a few weeks into Season 2 at the very earliest, once the Outbreak Event has come to a close, but it would make sense for it to come right at the end of the season and have Season 3 as the debut of a new map.

That's just speculation for now though. As more news on the end of Verdansk is revealed, we'll keep you up to date on it.