How to Activate or Listen to Mobile Broadcast Stations in Warzone

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The Numbers event is now underway in Warzone, and each of the nine challenges asks you to "activate mobile broadcast stations" in certain places across Verdansk. We've got a quick guide on how you do so.

Mobile Broadcast Stations Locations

Thankfully, each of the locations are shown on the map during every game of Warzone.

Activate Mobile Broadcast Stations, Warzone
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Just mark the location you want to head to and make your way there. At the start of the game, they'll all be shown by red markers, but this is where completing the challenges comes in.

How to Activate Mobile Broadcast Stations in Warzone

The Mobile Broadcast Stations can only be activated by one player in each game. By interacting with the button on the station, you'll complete the challenge for yourself, get 5000 dollars, and start the signal.

At the start of the game, a lot of players fight for the right to activate it, so unless you need the cash it's best you go somewhere else to get set up first.

Once it's been started by someone, all you need to do is be nearby at any point during the game for the challenge to complete by "listening" to the signal.


When the numbers start to be said (I hope Raven stop this part), a message will pop up on screen to say that you've completed the challenge and it'll be ticked off in the event tab in the lobby menu.

Activate Mobile Broadcast Stations, Warzone
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Then, each time you're in the same location in subsequent matches, the numbers will still play, but it won't get you any rewards. You only need to go once to complete the challenge.

Tick off all of the nine locations and the challenges tied to them and you'll unlock the Sai melee weapon to use in game, alongside a bunch of calling cards, sprays and other small items.

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