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Warzone 2 - Best Basilisk Akimbo Loadout, Attachments, and Tuning

Warzone 2 Basilisk Akimbo

Warzone 2 is now well into the new year, and Season 2 has finally arrived, bringing a ton of new content to the game. The return of rebirth is just the beginning, as a brand new battle pass is here so you can earn some new weapons.

Akimbo pistols are by far the staple of the secondary meta right now, as they leave your perks open and pack a serious punch. Here's how to build the basilisks into a force that can't be matched in close quarters.

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Basilisk Best Attachments in Warzone 2

Knowing how to equip your akimbo pistols can be tricky, as the usual methods for improving accuracy don't quite work. With the right ones plus spot-on tuning though, you'll be able to take down almost any enemy in just two shots in Warzone 2, and before they can even react.

Here's what we recommend:

Warzone 2 Basilisk Loadout
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  • Barrel: 10.5" FTAC Arrow
  • Laser: Revo-LSD 7MW
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo Basilisk
  • Ammunition: .500 Snakeshot
  • TriggerAction: Basilisk HT-7

The key to the success of this loadout is the snakeshot ammo, self-professed to transform your pistol into a shotgun. Paired with a longer barrel, and of course an extra gun, these will floor any enemy in Warzone 2 before they have a chance to react.

Basilisk Akimbo Best Perks and Equipment

When it comes to rounding out your class with the Basilisks, the key feature will be your primary weapon, as it will dictate your playstyle. We recommend a sniper like the SP-X 80 or the Singal 50, so you have a full long-range option in your Warzone 2 inventory.

Here's what we recommend to round out your loadout:

  • Perk Package: Spectre
  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor
  • Lethal: Throwing Knife

The spectre perk package will keep you off the radar, so whether you're sniping or rushing a building, you'll remain unseen. This is crucial with the basilisks, as the element of surprise is your best weapon.

In the meantime, run a heartbeat sensor to keep you safe, both when you're sniping, and to check buildings with your secondary. Then a throwing knife is always a solid option to avoid wasting valuable time and ammo on downed enemies in Warzone 2.

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