Vanguard Zombies: How to unlock new areas in Der Anfang

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Sledgehammer Games might be in charge of Call of Duty Vanguard's campaign and multiplayer, but Treyarch is at the helm of the latest iteration of Call of Duty Zombies. They're shaking things up this time around, though, and doing things a little differently - for better or worse.

One thing that's different is the fact that you can't purchase new areas of the map - Der Anfang - with Essence. If you're struggling on working out how to unlock the new areas in Der Anfang - outside of the central courtyard - we have everything you need to know.


HOW TO UNLOCK new areas in Der Anfang

The newest Call of Duty Zombies experience is doing things a little differently - if you want to unlock new areas of Der Anfang's central Stalingrad hub area, you're going to need to portal out to other locations to complete objectives.

Der Anfang is a series of smaller maps joined together by portals to make one alright-sized Zombies experience. It isn't exactly like traditional round-based Zombies, but it isn't as open as Outbreak either. The latest iteration of Call of Duty Zombies is a happy medium ground that aims to offer both new and returning Zombies players something to look forward to.

Vanguard Zombies Unlock Areas Der Anfang
UNBUYABLE - You're going to need to spend your time playing to get through this!

When you head through a portal in Der Anfang, you'll be given an objective to complete in the new area - it could be Shi No Numa, or Hotel Royale, or somewhere else. From here, you just need to do whatever you're being asked to and then you'll be teleported back to the main Stalingrad area with a Sacrificial Heart.

If you do this enough times, you'll soon find the entire Stalingrad area unlocked and you'll have a few Sacrificial Hearts to boot! These can be spent on Covenants - a new upgrade system avaialble in the main hub area of Stalingrad at the Altar of the Covenants.