Vanguard Season One Leaks: New Information, Weapons, Operators, & More

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Vanguard Season One is on the way and we have everything you need to know about how you can stay ahead of the game in terms of new content and what to expect. The leaks have started to dry up, with Warzone's Pacific update drawing a lot of attention, but here's the latest and when we should start to learn things from official channels...

INTEL DROP - When should we see more information?

Call of Duty has shared a detailed look at Caldera, the new map coming to replace Verdansk in the Warzone Pacific update, but there's still no news on what's coming in the Vanguard Season One Battle Pass or what to expect in terms of new multiplayer content.


Thankfully, with Vanguard Season One leaks drying up, the wait for official information is almost over. The following quote explains that we're going to see Vanguard Season One information soon...

" Head back here soon and expect to learn about the two free functional weapons, new Operator, Zombies content, Multiplayer modes, and two maps all coming on December 8. That includes a Pacific-inspired take on a fan-favorite classic Call of Duty map…"

Looking at the timeline of events from previous seasonal updates, we should see information regarding Vanguard Season One on December 2nd or December 3rd. We'll keep you updated.

NEW WEAPONS - No one's said otherwise, yet!

We know this leak is a little old, but it's one that has been corroborated by other data miners and leakers and seems the most legitimate. The following weapons might be coming to Vanguard in the Season 1 update:


The leaked Season One key artwork also showcases the PTRS-41, M1944 Hyde, and the Well Gun. You can check that out below, too:

Vanguard Season One 1 Leaks
SEASON ONE KEY ART - We're headed to Caldera, huh

WEAPONS - New firearms are on the way!

It looks like we're getting five new weapons in Vanguard Season 1 and one of them is a fan-favourite. Looking at the leak below, which has been corroborated by other notable data miners and leakers over the last few weeks, it looks like the following weapons are going to appear at some point during Vanguard Season 1:

  • PTRS-41 - Sniper Rifle
  • Nun-Chucks - Melee
  • Barong Escrima - Melee

It's worth taking this with a pinch of salt until confirmation, but it looks like at least two of these weapons appear in the leaked Season 1 Key Artwork - which is promising.

We expect some of these to be free Tier rewards in the new Battle Pass - however, there's probably going to be a couple that will be exclusively unlocked through in-game challenges.

DOWNLOAD SIZE - It could be a big one!

The Vanguard Season 1 update has reportedly hit the PlayStation database and PlayStation Game Size has shared that it could be around 40GB! This is a huge update that will add a huge chunk of content - however, we don't think it's going to increase the overall size of the Vanguard application all that much.


We don't know for sure, of course, but a 40GB update for one season is a lot - we know Zombies could do with more content, but this would be too much.

We're expecting at least three Operators, four weapons, and a couple of maps - however, this could also be an update to add a healthy selection of Store content. Vanguard currently doesn't have any additional Operator skins or Weapon Blueprints on offer.

NEW LEAKS - Captain America & Indiana Jones

It's a little wild, but it looks like both Captain America and Indiana Jones could be coming to Vanguard and Warzone soon. According to Tom Henderson - who has allegedly corroborated reports with data miners - the two characters are going to arrive "in the near future".

At the moment, we don't know if they're going to appear as new Operators in their own right or whether they're just going to be new Operator skins for existing characters. Only time will tell...

LEAKS - Season 1 Operators revealed?!

Nanikos, a notable Call of Duty leaker and data miner, has revealed three upcoming Operators for Call of Duty Vanguard.

They expect that all three will be added in the Season One update expected on December 2nd - apparently, these names have been in the files since the Vanguard Open Beta earlier in the year!

According to leaks, the Season 1 Operators are...

  • Francis - USA
  • Lewis - USA
  • Isabella - Philippines

You can see their default appearances in the Tweet below:


Following this, you can see the Epic Skin variants for all three Operators - these are unlocked by hitting Operator Level 20 on all Operators in one Task Force.

Vanguard Season One is expected on December 2nd - we should see an expansion to Treyarch's latest Zombies mode released alongside several new multiplayer maps, weapons, and possibly the Operators above. That doesn't mean we're going to be waiting for new content, though. Shipment is due to be added to Vanguard in a pre-season update next week - so there's plenty to look forward to between now and Vanguard Season One.

In addition to this, Warzone is finally being updated with Vanguard integration. This means there's going to be a new Pacific Island map - Caldera - and all the current Vanguard content available in Warzone. Expect this to be a new experience, something that's hopefully a little more refined than what we're used to at the moment.