Vanguard Festive Fervor Event: Armageddon Mode reimagines Drop Zone

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Sledgehammer Games is pulling out all the stops with the Festive Fervor Event for Vanguard and it's safe to say that it looks like a fantastic update. Armageddon Mode is just one part of this huge update - and it might be one of the best parts. Here's everything you need to know about Armageddon Mode, a new mode coming to Vanguard in the Festive Fervor Event, and when you can play it.

Armageddon Mode - Drop Zone with a twist

Call of Duty start their explanation of Armageddon Mode with a statement confirming that this is going to just be a rebrand of Drop Zone - this isn't a bad thing, but it seems like an unnecessary name change. It's not even that much of a festive rebrand for the Festive Fervor event!


In Armageddon Mode, players will be thrown into a Team Deathmatch mode with a twist. The twist is that you can earn additional points by getting kills with killstreaks and Care Packages are going to be airlifted into the Armageddon Mode game throughout at regular intervals.

" At the start of a match, both teams will fight for control of a marked area somewhere on the map, where Care Packages will drop in on a set timer until a specific number of them are collected. At that point, the zone rotates to a new area."
Vanguard Festive Fervour Event Armageddon Mode LTM
SHIPMAS - Expect this to feature in a 24/7 Playlist Update

This might not be enough to convince you to fight over some festive Care Packages, but Krampus is going to be lurking throughout the Festive Fervor Event. Krampus is going to attack the player with the lowest Objective Score - expect this to be a fight you're probably not going to win.


As it stands, this is going to be available for the duration of the Festive Fervor Event. It's starting on December 17th and will run for at least two weeks - until December 31st.