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Tisch: "I think we are at least a top 8 team."

Photo Credit: MLG

myst: First off, I want to take it back to WW2 more specifically CWL Anaheim where we saw you on the former Conquest squad alongside three of your current teammates. You made it to pool play and contested OpTic what did that mean to you personally because there was a lot of praise from the community surrounding your teams’ performance.

Tisch: That event meant a lot to me and I’m sure all of my teammates as well. It was a very average year for the most part but that event made it all worth it. We turned a lot of heads for only scrimming about five times and only actually teaming five days before the event. It makes you think of “what could have been” if we were all able to stick it out for the LCQ and CoD champs.

myst: Your new roster now comprises ¾ of the Conquest lineup as well the additions of Mosh and Asim, but to most of the scene these two are fairly unknown. How did picking up these two go about?

Tisch:  Mosh and asim were absolute steals for us in free agency. We all knew how good mosh was considering he was a former pro player in a few of the older games and we had all played against him in recent games and knew we had to pick him up. Asim flew under everyone’s radar and luckily tom was good friends with him prior and vouched for how good he is. We took a risk on him and so far it is paying off big time. He is an absolute beast on the sticks.

myst: Now into the Black Ops 4 Season, we have seen your team fair well in the past 2Ks with back to back top eight placings so far. How is the team feeling at the moment regarding the recent patch and the now updated map pool which has caused a lot of controversy among some pros?

Tisch: Our team is in a pretty good spot at the moment. We had a little rough patch after the update had come out but we are getting back to where we were. I think the patch was a good thing because there’s an actual hard counter to stuns now as well as nades. I think this was a great patch for the competitive state of this game.


myst: With CWL Las Vegas just right around the corner we will see your team in the open bracket, how do you fair your chances of making it to pools with notable teams such as Enigma 6 and Heretics already slotted in open?

Tisch:  As of right now I think we are at least a top eight team in this game, and I’m very confident in our team making it out of open. We just have to show up when the time comes.

myst: As mentioned above you have so far succeeded in the 2Ks, have there been many orgs reaching out to sign your team so far?

Tisch: We’ve had a few offers from orgs but it hasn’t been what we’re looking for. We are in talks with an org currently but nothing has been finalized.

myst: With the new CWL World League structure in place for the season, is securing a spot in the league the ultimate goal coming into Vegas?

Tisch: The league is our only goal right now, and we are putting the time in every day to make sure we have the talent and teamwork to make the league when the time comes. Doing anything but making the league is a failure in all of our eyes.

myst: At the end of this interview, I would like to say thank you for partaking in this and do you have anything to say to your fans out there?

Tisch: The support has been unreal and I appreciate and thank every one of them. It makes a difference knowing how many people want to see you actually succeed. And thank you for having me in this interview!

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