25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

Simp: "I'm trying to show that we can win championships with this team."

Photo Credit: MLG

myst: This past weekend was your first ever Major event since turning 18 at the beginning of February. Teaming under the FaZe Clan Black banner you guys seemed untouchable throughout the Open Bracket tournament and prevailed as champions. How does it to feel to finally be able to compete and to win your first ever large event?

Simp: It feels really good to be able to finally compete at an event and even have the chance to play against everyone who I've known from locals and online tournaments. Winning an event especially my first is a feeling I can't even describe, just amazing.

myst: It is now official that you have been promoted to eUnited’s starting lineup in place of Jkap. You have had quite a turbulent few weeks, but how does it feel to be a starting member on a Pro League lineup?

Simp: To be able to have a starting spot on such a team as this so early on in my career makes me really happy knowing that the years of grinding while underage has paid off.

myst: With you coming into the starting lineup, Prestinni has made it vocal on Twitter that he intends to run a Maddox from now on. How do you think your aggressive SMG playstyle can incorporate into this team with the current role swaps?

Simp: I think my playstyle will fit perfectly with the team. Prestinni was an AR before he was a SMG player and he's probably more comfortable with that role. Me joining this team though I think will fit perfectly because of how similar Abezys playstyle and mine are as well as the teams pacing together.


myst: You have now been with the eUnited organization since 2017, where you have risen from the Cadets program, to substitute to now in the starting lineup. What has eUnited’s impact been on your career as you have developed into a pro level talent?

Simp: eUnited has really helped me understand a lot more about being a team player and knowing that winning gunfights isn't everything to winning against other professional teams. I did learn that everything is earned and that nothing should be given unless you deserve it.

myst: What can we expect from you coming into your debut LAN games next week?

Simp: I think you can expect me to come out trying my absolute heart out to win these games because not only do they say a statement about the team change, but I'm trying to show that we can win championships with this team.

myst: At the end of this interview, I would like to say thank you for partaking in this and do you have anything to say to your fans out there? 

Simp: I would like to thank everyone who has followed me over the years who have always supported me and believed in me.