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RealOpinions: Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be the best COD in the MW series

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta is done. All 20 levels available have been achieved and so far it is a game that will restore Call of Duty to its rightful place as the best shooter around.

Infinity Ward is moving toward what Call of Duty fans have been so eagerly wanting since BO2... a fun, traditional, boots on the ground COD, that offers unpredictability, funny moments and a great competitive scene. At last a game that's based in the modern world which require's skill, precision and tactics. Not flying around on the moon or space centers.

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The Godfather of shooters

I have put countless hours into playing every single Call of Duty release since 2007. From each Campaign, Multiplayer, Spec Ops, Zombies, Battle Royale and more, I would consider myself a die hard Call of Duty fan.

I was not brought up in this 'Jet Pack' generation. Instead, I started off my Call of Duty career like many other players, with arguably the best COD of all time... Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Just the name brings a wave of good memories, from ninja defusing and sniping, to getting out of the map on Old School mode on the maps Backlot and Crossfire.

From COD 4 to Black Ops 3 I loved every minute of playing each of the games that was released over the years.

Where it went wrong

The franchise hasn't been as successful since Black Ops 2; with the likes of Ghosts, Advance Warfare and Black Ops 3 all being controversial games. Where it really changed for me was Infinite Warfare, I went from spending an average of 10 days playing time on each COD to more like 12 hours.


Why? had I burned out on playing Call of Duty? No. Infinity Warfare was just a poorly thought out and executed game. Since then I found myself playing other games and leaving Call of Duty on the shelf. As did many others.

However, after the Modern Warfare Beta that was live on Playstation 4 only this weekend, the feeling of gloom towards the series has suddenly disappeared and I cannot wait to play this weekend coming.

Don't get me wrong, it has its ups and downs, but the potential is unfathomable with the mechanics of the game all pointing in the right direction. Modern Warfare could be a Call of Duty saviour and a return to the glory days of COD.

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Restoring the good name of Call of Duty

First, lets talk about the basics.

The game looks AMAZING, when playing each map you can really tell the time and effort put in. From the puddles on the floor and cracks in the walls to the brake discs on the MET Police car on Hackney Yard. Just little things like these gives you a sense that the developers do care about their game.

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The movement mechanics don't consist of flying soldiers with EXO suits. No, no, no, it's better, it's much more creative... boots on the ground. Surprising I know, but wow does it feel better than ever to be able to not have to shoot the enemy out the sky. I know that BO4 was also boots on the ground, but it quickly grew stale as it just felt like a re-skin of BO3. This feels fresh and engaging.


Certain attachments weigh you down, you can lean round corners, mount guns on walls and so much more. All of this together gives so many variations of being able to play the game in different styles and it feels GOOD.

Sound is a key aspect of any game, and coming from myself who is half deaf MW is immersive. When I hear my Claymore go off or shooting a shot from the AX-50 sniper it all brings back nostalgia of using the PTRS-41 from World at War, really is saying something.

However, Foot steps need to be fixed! Is it an enemy... is it a team mate? Who knows as everything sounds the same. Just a few small adjustments and it would be perfect.

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Will we ever have maps like MW2?

The peak of the Call of Duty franchise for many was Modern Warfare 2 because it was a truly great online multiplayer experience. The main reason was that it had the best maps of any Call of Duty game. This was because of the diversity in each maps and all the 'god spots' there were, such as being able to get on top of Highrise or the multiple levels seen in Favela.

Infinity Ward highlighted at E3 that this is something they wanted to bring back to the maps in MW. Lots of different spots for players to find or secret ledges to stand on and so forth.

Beta Maps:

  • Azhir Cave
  • Grazna Raid
  • Hackney Yard
  • Gun Runner

Although having only four maps available to us so far is a small slither of what's to come, the beta maps are all very fun to play and have various different ways to play them. Which catering to all player types and multiple classes. 

My favourite so far is Hackney Yard. The smallest out of all four, allows me to pull out the MP5 or MP7 and get right in amongst the action; especially in Domination, where the B flag is kept, you will never be short of a gun fight exchange.

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New feature, new wrinkles


All the guns that available so far in the Beta are viable options when playing online. This is good because it allows there to be more variety on the battlefield. In previous titles there has always been one good AR, one good SMG and a sniper that every player will use.

However, with the addition of Gunsmith, the possibilities and combinations are endless. From being able to make an AR an SMG, make guns slower and more accurate or quicker and less accurate or the perfect mix. This feature in the game is still something to be played around with into more depth. Nonetheless, is still amazing and looks very positive for the full release of the game.

No more complicated perk system

Another reason this Call of Duty looks set to be great is they have done away with the ridiculous perk system of recent games. No more having to pick between having only a lethal grenade and no tactical, or three perk 1 slots and no perk 2 or 3.

The golden era lives on with having to have one of each like MW2. Players will have to pick one perk from each perk 1, 2, & 3 slot as well as having one lethal and one tactical grenade. I feel as though this was the right direction to go in because previously in COD you may have had to run and extra perk just to be able to play the game and lose out on all the fun of using a stun grenade.

I am certain that this list will grow as more is accessible in the upcoming open Beta and full launch of the game too, allowing even more flexibility and playability.

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Will there be a let down?

The beta isn't perfect. The mini-map controversy has been a whirlwind that is still running through the COD community. There is still plenty of scope for the massive 64-player game modes to go awry, but so far Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is looking like a remarkable game that should bring the good times back to the franchise.

If they can include things like the MW2 range of calling cards and emblems that will let players show off their skills and achievements while maintaining the strong gameplay and depth of multiplayer game modes then there is no reason this game can't find a stop high atop the list of best shooters, nevermind COD games, of all time.