Warzone gets two new vehicles in Call of Duty Season 4 update

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The Season 4 update is upon us at last and there's more than just Verdansk '84 map changes coming to Warzone. Raven Software has also added two new vehicles to their battle royale game and here's everything you need to know about them.

Black Ops' Dirt Bike Rides Into Warzone

In the Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes, Raven Software went into a little bit of detail about how the Dirt Bike stacks up to the other vehicles available in Verdansk '84.


What's interesting is it also references Operator Stacking and Trophy System placement. These have been unofficial "Rules of Warzone" for a long time now and it seems like Raven Software is finally addressing the strategies specifically.

Warzone New Vehicles Season 4 Dirt Bike
FAST AND FURIOUS - The Dirt Bike is going to be the quickest way to get around

Here's what they said:

  • New Vehicle: Dirt Bike
    • Terror on two wheels arrives in Warzone. Ramp up your off-road antics with this extremely manoeuvrable scrambler, scattered across Verdansk and ready to use at the start of a match.
      • Speed - Faster than all vehicles, including the ATV.
      • Handling - Drifts at high speeds. Offers finer control at lower speeds. Mastery is key.
      • Durability - Low; same health as the ATV.
      • Capacity - Two Operators: one driver and one passenger. Next to no room to “stack” Operators atop it, such as with the two-passenger ATV.
      • Trophy System Placement - Must stand atop the bike to place a Trophy System; can fit one on the saddle or on front/rear fenders.

But The Armored Truck Is The Big News

The Dirt Bike is the one they talked about, but it's not the one everyone else is focused on. Warzone's Cargo Trucks got a bit of a face-lift and they're now Armored Trucks.


We can assure you, the changes made are more than just in name. The Armored Trucks have a mounted Light Machine Gun atop the cab and a Buy Station attached to them in a similar fashion to the vehicles in the previously-seen Armored Royale LTM.

From here, you can buy the following items for the Armored Truck:

  • Armored Truck
    • Refill Trophy - $2500
    • Repair Armored Truck - $1500
  • Armored Truck Upgrade
    • UAV - $4000
    • Trophy System - $3000
    • Heat Resistant Barrel - $ 3000
    • Heavy Armour - $2000
  • Shipment
    • Armour Box - $6000
    • Munitions Box - $4500

There's no word on whether this is a permanent change or not, but it looks like the new Armored Trucks are going to be available for the long run.