When does the new Warzone map come out? Everything you need to know

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Price, Ghost, Adler, and Stitch are all headed to the Pacific Theatre later this year and we can't wait to see what the new Vanguard Warzone map has in-store for us. Raven Software has shared a brief fly-over of the location, but we're far from clued-up on what's coming and when it's coming. Here's everything we do know and what to expect...

RELEASE DATE - When does the new map come out?

We might not have a confirmed release date, but we do have a rough idea of when to expect the new Warzone map to release.


Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is about to start and Call of Duty is going to let this run its course before shaking up the map - this means, we have at least the duration of a Warzone season before the new Warzone map from Vanguard comes out.

This ties in nicely with rumours that Vanguard's first season of content is due to start around three weeks after the launch of Vangaurd on November 5th.

Warzone New Vanguard Map
LOOKING FORWARDS - Should Warzone get a dedicated next-gen release?

With this in mind, we should see the new Warzone map arrive alongside Vangaurd Season 1 around November 25th. This will be the end of Season 6, so expect some sort of in-game event, and the end of Verdansk.


CONFIRMED - First Look at new Warzone map

Vanguard is taking Warzone to the Pacific in the next main Warzone map to arrive in-game. As you can see below, expect to tackle enemy Operators in thick foliage, complex industrial structures, and sprawling mountainous regions. It really does look like this could be a new age for Warzone.

We don't know when it's coming out yet, though, but we're putting our money on November 25th. This is three weeks after Vanguard is due to release and the same date we're expecting Vanguard Season 1 to start. What better way to celebrate Vanguard integration...


What do we actually know about the new Warzone map?

At the moment, we don't know a lot at all. The following statement is all the information we have about the new Warzone map officially:

" Warzone is set to make Call of Duty history with a brand-new main map launching later this year! With development led by Raven Software, Warzone will also feature a new PC anti-cheat system across the entire experience when it launches with the new map."

During a recap thread, Call of Duty tweeted the following to confirm this:


Although we don't know for sure, everyone's saying the same thing when it comes to Verdansk and Verdansk '84... It's going to be gone for good when the new map comes out. We can only hope some sort of Gulag survives...

LEAK - Pacific Island Warzone map?

Before Call of Duty Vanguard was officially announced, there were a lot of leaks about a new Warzone map and its relation to Vanguard. Primarily, people think the new Warzone map is going to reflect the Pacific Theatre of War. We've listed some of the leaks we've seen below... Take them all with a grain of salt.


Warzone Map POI Locations

Battlefield V's "Firestorm with more players"