Treyarch confirm Skill Tier upgrades coming with new Zombies Perk

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Black Ops Cold War Season 5 is finally here! If you want to jump into Outbreak or Mauer Der Toten, there's a new Zombies Perk for you to look out for and it's an interesting one. We're confident in saying that we didn't expect Treyarch to bother with this one...

PERK - Death Perception

This is going to be a Zombies Perk you might have seen before; however, it isn't one we expected to see in Black Ops Cold War. In a Zombies where we still don't have Double Tap or a Slappy Taffy equivalent, this one just seems a bit... Useless?

Death Perception grants the player the ability to see obscured enemies, basically. This can be useful if you're running trains, helping you avoid any oncoming groups, but it doesn't seem nearly as effective as the other perks out there.

New Death Perception Zombies Perk Black Ops Cold War
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ONLY ONE MORE?! - It looks like this is the penultimate Zombies Perk for Black Ops Cold War

That's where the Skill Tiers come into play, though... Earlier in the week, the following was leaked:


Now, though, we know how accurate this really is. Treyarch has confirmed the following information regarding Death Perception:

  • Base Ability - Obscured enemies are keylined through walls.
  • Skill Tier I - Mini-map update rate is increased.
  • Skill Tier II - Enemies give danger indicators when behind the player.
  • Skill Tier III - Gain 20% more looted Salvage and High-Grade Salvage.
  • Skill Tier IV - Increase armour penetration damage by 25%.
  • Skill Tier V - Nearby chests, resources, and item drops are keylined through walls.

It looks like Death Perception is going to offer a lot more Armour Penetration than previously thought, but on the whole nothing else is different from the leak.

When does Death Perception get added to Wunderfizz?

UPDATE: Death Perception was added to Black Ops Cold War at the start of Season 5. This means you should be able to find it in Der Wunderfizz from now on.

Death Perception is joining Der Wunderfizz machines in Black Ops Cold War Zombies as a launch item for Season 5. This means we should see it arrive on August 12th at the following times:

  • 21:00 August 12th - PST
  • 00:00 August 13th - EST
  • 05:00 August 13th - BST

We don't know if it will appear as its own Perk Machine in a future round-based Zombies map, but you have to imagine it will do. You should be able to access it on Die Maschine via Der Wunderfizz on the roof, Firebase Z via Der Wunderfizz in the Village, and on Mauer Der Toten via Der Wunderfizz near the Tank.