New COD Zombies meta update looks to improve late-game progress

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Mauer Der Toten is right around the corner, but the new map isn't the only update Treyarch is making. There's also going to be some important changes to the COD Zombies meta in the next update and we have everything you need to know below.

The changes detailed are going to be separate from any other Black Ops Cold War Weapon Tuning changes that are made in the Season 4 Reloaded update too, so things could be getting a lot better going into Mauer Der Toten.

New COD Zombies Meta Great For Late-Game

Looking at the Patch Notes Treyarch has shared with us, regarding the changes they're making to Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode, it looks like they are all aimed at Late-Game progression.

There's always that one round where it starts to get a little too difficult, but it finally looks like some of you might be able to scrape by a couple more following the new update that's coming on July 15th.

COD Zombies Meta Update Mauer Der Toten Elite Black Ops Cold War
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YOU'LL NEED ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET - Whatever this is, it looks like it's going to be tough to kill

Below, we have all the notes (straight from Treyarch's Mauer Der Toten Post) for you to look over.

  • Reduced enemy health caps:
    • Zombies: Reduced to +100% at high rounds (down from +300%)
    • Specials: Reduced to +50% at high rounds (down from +100%)
    • Elites: Reduced to +25% at high rounds (down from +100%)
    • HVTs: Reduced to +10% at high rounds (down from +100%)
  • Reduced health of armour for Medium and Heavy zombies by 30%.
  • Buffed sniper rifle critical damage multipliers, stock ammo, and max damage.
  • Buffed melee weapon Pack-a-Punch and triple Pack-a-Punch damage multipliers.
  • Equipment, Support, and Field Upgrades (Frost Blast and Energy Mine) will scale their damage evenly with this update. Equipment and Support will now be much more consistent in their ability to kill enemies, and Lethal Equipment and ground-based Support will see an increase in damage in many instances.