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Leaks suggest amazing new weapons are coming to Call of Duty in Season 4

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We're just under a week away from Call of Duty Season 4 and we're here to talk about the new weapons we're expecting to see arrive in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. We've just seen a brand new Gameplay Trailer at the Summer Game Fest's "Kickoff Live!", but what did it tell us about the new weapons?


LATEST - New Trailer Hints At New Weapons

The new Season 4 Gameplay Trailer might not be the clearest look at the new weapons we could have got, but it's a start, right? We're expecting the full content roadmap to drop on June 14th, so we should get a proper rundown of all the new weapons that are going to be added to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War then.

For now, though, you can check out the latest Gameplay Trailer and see what you can spot in and amongst the chaos.

All The Latest Weapon Leaks

There are quite a few weapon leaks to look over, but it's hard to tell which of the following are going to be added in Call of Duty Season 4 and which of the new weapons will be added in the mid-season event and beyond. We also have a few leaks about the new Operators at the moment, too.

Firstly, we have melee weapons...

  • Hammer;
  • Kukuri (Long, Curved Knife from Indian Subcontinent);
  • War Mace:

Then, we have the firearms...

  • Chicom CQB (First seen in Black Ops)
  • Nail Gun
  • Explosive Crossbow (Possibly an ammo variant, not a new weapon)
  • Cetme AR (Similar to the FAL)
  • Ameli LMG (Similar to the MG-42)

We are expecting two of the weapons to be added to Call of Duty via the Season 4 Battle Pass and the rest to be added in throughout via in-game challenges, like in previous seasons.


Any Confirmed Weapons Yet?

At the moment, we only know that there's going to be one half-new weapon added to Call of Duty: Warzone in Season 4.

Black Ops Cold War's Baseball Bat was added during Season 3, but it was notably absent from Warzone. This is mainly due to balancing issues faced when the weapon is used against armoured opponents. As you can imagine, this isn't exactly the same as standard Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and it even differs slightly from Fireteam modes.

Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty Season 4 Baseball Bat
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TIME TO BASH - When in doubt, a Baseball Bat does the job

Treyarch confirmed that the weapon would be added to Warzone in Season 4, following some alterations, but whether that's at the start of the season or not is another question entirely.


Call of Duty Season 4's Release Date

It has not been confirmed that Warzone's Season 4 is going to be available on June 17th.

Original Article

At the moment, we haven't had confirmation as to when Call of Duty Season 4 is due to start. That doesn't mean we can't make an educated guess, though. We know Call of Duty's third season is due to end on June 15th if we look at the current Battle Pass.

This means we're expecting Call of Duty Season 4 to start halfway through June 15th, June 16th or June 17th.

We're inclined to lean more towards June 17th as both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War usually receive their weekly updates on Thursdays. However, Treyarch and Activision aren't limited to these schedules and they have been known to push out updates on Tuesdays in the past.

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