At least four Multiplayer maps coming to Black Ops Cold War in Season 4

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We're just a few days away from Black Ops Cold War's Season 4 update and Treyarch has shared new information about what to expect in terms of Multiplayer maps.

We already knew a little bit about what's coming, but now we have confirmation thanks to the Roadmap...


LATEST - Confirmed New Maps

Collateral (12v12) and Collateral Strike (6v6)

" Collateral places NATO and Warsaw Pact forces under the scorching desert sun in Algeria, where a CIA satellite has crashed into an abandoned village, the very same location that Adler and company secured on June 27, 1984."

This map is due to be added to the relevant Multiplayer Playlists at the start of Season 4.

Amsterdam (2v2) and (3v3)

" Fight clean or dirty across Amsterdam’s rooftops, featured prominently in the Black Ops Cold War Campaign curtain-raiser mission “Nowhere Left to Run.”"

This smaller map is going to be added to Black Ops Cold War at the start of Season 4.

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Maps Hijacked
RETURN OF THE KING - This is easily one of the best maps Black Ops has seen

Hijacked (6v6)

" A beloved 6v6 map first appearing in Black Ops II, Hijacked takes place on a commandeered superyacht deep in international waters. Fighting occurs on all decks of this vessel from bow to stern, including the boiler room and a centre area complete with a hot tub."

This will be added to Black Ops Cold War at the launch of Season 4.

Rush (6v6)

"This chaotic arena offers multiple opportunities for up-close-and-personal combat, with narrow choke zones to scurry through and a scattering of exterior structures offering longer-range takedown possibilities."

Rush will arrive throughout the season. We have no timeline on when it is due to be added at the moment.

What We Saw In The Gameplay Trailer

At the moment, we have confirmation of three new maps coming to Black Ops Cold War in Season 4.


Collateral is going to be a 6v6 / 12v12 desert-themed map which looks like it could be set in Africa or the Middle East.

Amsterdam is a 2v2 map set in The Netherlands. It looks as though it will follow a similar layout to the opening sequences of the Black Ops Cold War campaign. Despite no confirmation, we can imagine this map will also feature on Face Off, the 3v3 mode.

Black Ops Cold War New Maps Season 4 Hijacked COD Mobile
AT LONG LAST - Hijacked has been in COD Mobile for a while now, but at long last it's coming back properly

Hijacked (yes, that Hijacked) is a 6v6 map set on a superyacht in the middle of the ocean. Expect this one to be a popular choice and a certain 24/7 playlist when it's added to the game.

You can get a glimpse of these new maps in the Call of Duty Season 4 Gameplay Trailer below:

We expect to see all of these maps in more detail on June 14th, when Treyarch is expected to share the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 content roadmap for the following months.

Season 4 Release Date & More

As you might have already seen, Black Ops Cold War Season 4 is due to begin on June 17th. This is a couple of days after the supposed end of Season 3, though, so we're expecting the current season to be extended slightly.

From the Gameplay Trailer above, we can also see that a new Outbreak map is on the way and a new Round-Based Zombies map is coming at some point in the next few weeks. As you can imagine, that means the download size is going to be a bit bigger than you'd like...

The Outbreak map will also most likely be added to Black Ops Cold War's multi-team modes, in a similar fashion to how Duga was added to Fireteam in Season 3. We don't have a full timeline of events just yet, though. When we get the roadmap on June 14th, we should know more.