27 May 2021 3:10 PM +00:00

Rambo's Gun Game finally added to Black Ops Cold War in new update

There's a new Black Ops Cold War playlist update dropping today and we have everything you need to know about what's in-store courtesy of Call of Duty's weekly briefing.

Rambo's Gun Game - What's Different?

We've all played Gun Game before, but what make's the "80s Action Heroes" variant of the playlist any different? You'll be pleased to know it isn't just a new name.

The traditional Gun Game's rotation of weapons is getting a bit of an upgrade in Rambo's Gun Game. The Combat Bow, Death Machine, RPG-7, and War Machine are all being added into the rotation to make each game a little bit more explosive.

Black Ops Cold War Playlist Update Rambo
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CHAOS AND EXPLOSIONS - Just the way John Rambo likes things, right?

Everyone is also going to be spawning with a Stimshot Tactical. This, in theory, should give you a fighting chance against the raining explosives. We're not so sure, though.

As always, dying via melee attack will set you back one weapon. The Ballistic Knife will also be staying as the final weapon in the rotation. Sounds like a fun twist on the mode, right? There's no word on whether Die Hardpoint is staying just yet...


Full Playlist Update

On top of this, Treyarch has confirmed that Snipers Only Moshpit is making a triumphant return to Black Ops Cold War's Featured Playlist listings. Standoff 24/7, a playlist showcasing the newest map, is also staying for at least another week.

If you're a fan of "party games", Prop Hunt is taking centre stage in the Featured Playlists section of Black Ops Cold War's Multiplayer menu! Gun Game and Sticks and Stones will still be available under Quickplay, but Prop Hunt's return is worth celebrating.

There's also some additional intel about what's in store for next week...

" And coming soon… Now that you’ve seen 12v12 on 6v6 maps, get ready for 6v6 mayhem on the smallest maps in Black Ops Cold War with 6v6 Face Off. Jump into a Moshpit of respawn modes on our Gunfight maps for 2X the action!"

Oh god... 6v6 Face Off.

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