Modern Warfare & Warzone Update: 5 January 2021 – DMR Nerfs And More, Now Live, Patch Notes

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Infinity Ward have finally brought a playlist update in COD: Modern Warfare and Warzone on 5 January!

Here's what we know about the first Playlist Update of the new year and the DMR nerfs which have just gone live.

Latest News - Warzone DMR, Type 63, Mac 10 Nerfs

Raven Software has released an update for Call of Duty Warzone nerfing the DMR Type 63, Mac 10, and Dual Pistols.

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Release Date

Following Warzone and Modern Warfare's last updates in mid-December, we've gotten a new Playlist Update on 5 January.

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IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY: COD Modern Warfare is even more immersive with headset audio

We should see a playlist update this Tuesday, 12 January 2021.

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We will update this page once we have any new information on the COD updates.

Expected Content

Infinity Ward regularly uses their playlist updates to refresh their game modes in both Warzone and Modern Warfare and we expect nothing different this time around.

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PERSONALISE: Select your own unique character to use in Warzone

In addition, Infinity Ward uses the update as a chance to fix any bug issues to the games.

Keep reading to find out what arrived earlier this week.

January 5th Playlist Update

A new Playlist Update went live on 5 January - though it is quite brief, and brings extensions rather than

COD Warzone & Black Ops Season One Out Now!

Season One officially launched on Wednesday, 16 December.

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WHERE TO LAND - It's important you select a good landing spot when beginning a Warzone game!

You can now earn unified Battle Pass XP across Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone.

Some tiers within the Battle Pass include two rewards: one for Black Ops Cold War and one for Warzone.

These are marked within the Battle Pass, offering those who own Black Ops Cold War with their own special item in addition to one they can use in Warzone!

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