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Modern Warfare & Warzone Update: 15 December – Patch Notes, Playlist Update, Update 1.30, Season 1, Release Dates, Bug Fixes & more

Another Call of Duty Playlist Update is on its way to shake things up on the battlefield yet again!

Here's what Infinity War has in store for COD: Modern Warfare and Warzone in the next playlist.

Release Date

It's a huge week for Call of Duty games, with Warzone receiving Update 1.30, and Modern Warfare receiving a new 15 December Update!

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While Warzone is getting much more new content, Modern Warfare is receiving a massive new playlist update.

Expected Content

Infinity Ward regularly uses their playlist updates to refresh their game modes in both Warzone and Modern Warfare and we expect nothing different this time around.

Warzone characters
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PERSONALISE: Select your own unique character to use in Warzone

In addition, Infinity Ward uses the update as a chance to fix any bug issues to the games.

Keep reading to find out what arrived earlier this week.

December 15th Playlist Update

Warzone may have received Update 1.30, but its Modern Warfare with the big playlist update on 15 December.

Modern Warfare:

  • Boots on the Ground War
  • Blueprint Gunfight
  • Face Off
  • SnD Double Down
  • Realism Gun Game

December 11th Playlist Update

While Call of Duty Modern Warfare has plenty of action, the newest Playlist Update didn't bring any new content to the game.

Call of Duty Warzone Playlist Update King Slayer
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COME AT THE KING...: King Slayer is now live in Warzone!

Instead, the newest Playlist Update targeted Warzone only with a massive returning game mode - King Slayer.

December 8th Playlist Update

cod modern warfare was rzone december 8 playlist update
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NEW GAME MODES: December 8's playlist update is now live!

Modern Warfare:

  • Cheshire Park 24/7
  • Hovec Sawmill 24/7
  • "What Objective?" (TDM variations of Dom, HP, and HQ)


  • Added Plunder Trios
  • Removing Plunder Quads and Warzone Rumble

December 8th Bug Fix

Infinity ward twitter bug fix december 8
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QUICK FIX: Infinity Ward fixes bug quickly!

Infinity Ward were quick to act on this one!

An issue where the Cheshire PArk 24/7 playlist was putting players in Hovec Sawmill has been resolved.

December 1st Playlist Update

Infinity Ward dropped a playlist update on 1 December. It included the following:

December 1 playlist update cod modern warfare warzone
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REFRESH - Infinity Ward has dropped a brand new playlist update

Modern Warfare:

  • Gunfight: Snipers Only
  • Deathmatch Domination
  • “Stir Crazy” (10v10 on small maps)
  • “A Little DIY” (Scrapyard and Hardhat)


  • Added Plunder Quads
  • Removing Blood Money Trios

COD Warzone & Black Ops Season One Release Date

Season One will now launch on Wednesday, 16 December.

warzone plane call of duty
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WHERE TO LAND - It's important you select a good landing spot when beginning a Warzone game!

The release date of Season One across the new Black Ops Cold War and free-to-play, free-for-everyone Warzone has been moved from Thursday, 10 December to Wednesday, 16 December.

In an official statement, Activision said: “It’s an unprecedented amount of free content and the teams are currently prepping… we’re taking a few more days to finalize everything before unleashing this massive drop of new, free content to the community.”

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