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Modern Warfare 2019 Multiplayer: New game mode Gunfight, Beta, Battle Royale & more

The Modern Warfare 2019 multiplayer reveal will be on the 1st August 2019 at 6pm BST, which is 1pm ET and 10am PST. This was revealed during the content creator Gunfight showcase.

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Game Modes

Only one Modern Warfare 2019 game mode has been confirmed, that being Gunfight.

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Gunfight is a new 2v2 game mode that we saw in the recent creator mini multiplayer reveal. Teams are put into a small map, where they must fight to eliminate the opposing team. All players have one life per round and do not regenerate health. At the start of a round, all players are given the same class but it is randomised every few rounds. The first to 10 round wins will be the victor.

We are expecting returns of classic Call of Duty game modes including: Team Deathmatch, Domination and Search & Destroy. Even though they have yet to confirm or deny this, it would be wildly out of character by Infinity ward to remove fan favourite game modes

There are other Modern Warfare 2019 game modes that are rumoured to be included, you can read what they are here.

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Game Mechanics

We’ve been given some insight to the Modern Warfare 2019 reloading mechanics, active idle and more. Infinity Ward’s Design Director Joe Cecot has revealed on Twitter that Modern Warfare 2019 will feature two motion blur options for players to toggle in-game: one for the gun and one for the player.

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Battle Royale


So far there has been no confirmation of a Battle Royale in Modern Warfare 2019, but there are a few rumours circulating.

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Modern Warfare Beta

When Does The Modern Warfare Beta Release?

We haven’t had a confirmed date as of yet, however we will likely hear something at the global reveal on the 1st August. This is usually the platform for us to hear all of the cool things that we can expect from the new game including the Modern Warfare 2019 weapons, perks, maps, game modes and kill streaks. It could be where we finally hear about the rumoured Modern Warfare 2019 battle royale.

A leaker that goes by the Twitter handle @Victor__Z, has claimed that the Beta will release in August, not long after the reveal; someone who has correctly revealed Modern Warfare 2019 information in the past. You can hear about this in TheGamingRevolution’s youtube post – a man who has been providing leaks for things such as Modern Warfare 2019 weapons, game modes, perks and killstreaks.

Cross Platform play

Infinity Ward are aiming to embrace cross platforming with open arms. Developers made it known that “the team plans for Modern Warfare to be played together across PC and console through cross-play support.” 

The developers of the Call of Duty are looking to be added to a select few of games such as Fortnite, Rocket League and Minecraft which offer cross platforming.

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