Modern Warfare 2 - How to enable crossplay

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Modern Warfare 2 is now live across all consoles and regions, and fans around the World are dropping into the action. Whether you're grinding for the brand new camo challenges, or just dishing out damage with the best weapons available, no one can argue the wait has paid off.

If you're keen to play with your friends on other consoles or make sure you're only matched up against people of the same platform, the crossplay settings Call of Duty can be confusing. Here's how to enable or disable this very useful feature.


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Modern Warfare 2 Crossplay

Crossplay is a system that allows players to both party up with friends on other platforms, and add more players to the matchmaking pool. In the long run, this tends to decrease queue times, but there are drawbacks involved in Modern Warfare 2.

Mw2 Gameplay

Console players may wish to avoid PC players using a keyboard and mouse, and PC is much easier as a platform to use for hacking. Likewise, PC players will often wish to avoid console players who have the advantage of aim assist.

Input-based match making was a feature in Modern Warfare 2019 that allowed players to face off against enemies using the same equipment. That is, controller players and keyboard and mouse players were separated, but this has been absent since.

How to Disable Crossplay in Modern Warfare 2

For PlayStation players, Crossplay can easily be disabled in Settings. Simply head to Settings > Account and Network, and crossplay will be a toggle switch.

MW2 crossplay settings

For Xbox users, there is unfortunately no in-game setting in Modern Warfare 2, but the feature can be disabled on a System level by heading to the Xbox Settings:

  1. Select 'General'
  2. Now 'Online Safety and Family'
  3. Next, select 'Privacy and Online Safety'
  4. Open 'Xbox Privacy'
  5. Select 'View Details and Customise'
  6. Now 'Communication and Multiplayer'
  7. Finally, use the 'You Can Join Cross-Network Play' section and switch it to 'Block'

For PC players, unfortunately there is no way to disable crossplay just yet, but stay tuned as Activision will no doubt add it to Modern Warfare 2 in time.