More details about Black Ops Cold War's Mauer Der Toten update coming

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We can't wait for the addition of Mauer Der Toten to Black Ops Cold War. It is the third Round-Based Zombies map to be added to Treyarch's latest game. We now know how much hard drive space the update will set you back once it drops on 15 July.

Weaver, Maxis, and Requiem aren't ready for this one... Make sure you are.

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LATEST - Season 4 Reloaded Download Size Revealed

We now know how large the update file will be for the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update.

This includes the Mauer Der Toten update but the overall file size may be reduced depending on which parts of the game you have installed on your platform.

  • PlayStation 5: 17.9 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 14.5 GB
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 21.3 GB
  • Xbox One: 11.4 GB
  • PC: 13.0 GB (without HD Pack) / 21.2GB (with HD Pack)

New Gameplay Trailer Coming Today

At long last, a Gameplay Trailer for Mauer Der Toten is on the way from Treyarch. Finally, we'll be able to see what all those GB's are going to be used on! You can check out a teaser for the full trailer below:

If we look at all the previous teasers, we should be seeing the new Gameplay Trailer get released between 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST / 17:00 BST and 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST on July 8th.

We don't really know what to expect but we should get a great look at the new map in action, a glimpse of the Wonder Weapon and hopefully a look at any new Operators and/or Operator skins.


How Big Is The Mauer Der Toten Update?

As you might imagine, the Mauer Der Toten update isn't going to be the smallest download you've ever seen. It does include a whole new Zombies map, right?

Thankfully, reports suggest that it isn't going to be the biggest download you've ever seen either. According to PlaystationSize, the PS4 version of the update is going to be around 14GB. This should be similar to any updates to an Xbox One version of Black Ops Cold War.

For those with next-gen consoles, expect to see an even smaller download. The PS5 version of the Mauer Der Toten update is reportedly only 8GB. That goes for the Xbox Series X too!

PlaystationSize also believes that the overall size of Black Ops Cold War will increase 8GB on current-gen consoles and it will decrease around 18GB on next-gen consoles.

Of course, take all this with a pinch of salt as it's unconfirmed. However, if the information is factual then it's a welcome sign that Black Ops Cold War's overall size is slowly getting smaller and should start to look like what you'd expect from one game.


What Else Is Included & When Is It Coming?

The new Zombies Map, Mauer Der Toten, isn't the only thing coming in the next update. Season 4 Reloaded is expected to start on July 15th and there are a couple more things we're expecting to see added to Black Ops Cold War before the end of Season 4.

Below, we've listed all the content we haven't seen from the Season 4 Roadmap that was published by Treyarch in their Blog Post last month.


If past mid-season updates are anything to go by, this isn't going to be all of it either. Expect to see more from Treyarch in the next couple of days as we approach the expected release date.