25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

KiSMET: "It feels amazing I finally accomplished one of my long awaited goals"

Photo Credit: (Enigma 6 Group)

myst: First off, I want to say congratulations in qualifying for the Pro League. How does it feel to finally be in the League? 

KiSMET:  It feels amazing! I finally accomplished one of my long awaited goals, on top of it all I finally did something everyone doubted me in. It just feels amazing to the point, I am at a loss of words.

myst: I want to rewind to back before the season start, you guys made quite some noise in the community by signing Frosty, a veteran and world champion of Halo. What made you guys take the initial chance on him?

KiSMET: Frosty had made the announcement that he wanted to try and make the transition over to CoD, and it caught everyone's eye that the arguably best Halo 5 player wanted to play. Everyone knew he had raw talent and skill. Jordon (General) came about picking this player up and I was on board from the start because I knew having someone with that raw talent, skill and desire to really win would bring so much as an individual to the team. Everyone looked at him and was like damn this guy will really make noise but didn't wanna take a chance on him and I'm glad we did because he's an absolute unit.

myst: Now moving forward to CWL Las Vegas, you guys barely squeak into the Qualifier at T32. What do you think went wrong at that event and how were you able to regroup and automatically qualify for the League?

KiSMET: Vegas never happened in my books. That event was a fluke in my eyes as Frosty was finishing up Halo which led to him only really practicing CoD for roughly 9-10 days before Vegas. It shocked everyone when we lost but my main goal going into that event was getting T32 so we could shine at the PLQ and we did just that. We came back knowing where we stood after 10 days of practice and got to work leading to a 1st place finish in the pool of death at the PLQ.


myst: New  to the CWL Pro League is the requirement to field a substitute player, has there been any discussions with potential pick ups so far?

KiSMET: We have looked at multiple people and haven’t made a for sure decision yet so just going to keep it there for now until further notice.

myst: They have placed you guys in Group B for the Pro League, how do you think you you’ll fair in this group especially against the likes of eUnited and Splyce?

KiSMET: I think the teams in Division B are extremely talented and I will go into each match the same no matter the name. I finally made the league so I'm going to showcase all my talents and make sure I give it my all against all teams. So I think we will match well against all the teams and for sure finishing top 4 in our division.

myst: At  the end of this interview, I would like to say thank you for partaking in this and do you have anything to say to your fans out there?

KiSMET: Just thank you to all the supporters to Enigma 6 and to myself all of you meant the world, and a shout out to the haters haha there were a lot out there but they fueled my fire to prove them wrong. Excited to be in the league and finally showcase what I've been wanting to showcase for years. It will be a fun and exciting season this year!

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