You can upgrade the "Bertha" Armored Truck in Warzone now

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While Season 4 has also come to Black Ops Cold War, it's somewhat more exciting in Warzone, with huge Armored Trucks being added to the game.

Also as part of the Season 4 update, you can upgrade Armored Trucks to make them even more powerful.


Below we have a quick guide on how to upgrade the "bertha" trucks and unlock cool extras.

Update - Armored Trucks Temporarily Removed

Due to another invisibility glitch rearing its head since the Season 4 update, Raven has announced that they're temporarily removing the armored trucks from Verdansk.

They should return once the devs have found a fix for the invisibility issue, so we'll let you know once they do.

Once they're back, you can follow the below guide to upgrade them.

How To Upgrade An Armored Truck

If you managed to play Warzone's Armored Royale LTM last year, you'll know how this all works. If not, allow us to explain.


Essentially, Warzone's "Bertha" truck has undergone a bit of a makeover in Season 4 and they can now be upgraded and improved. In order to upgrade an Armored Truck, all you need to do is head to the "Buy Station" on the back left of the truck.

You can't really miss it, as it is an illuminated screen, and will offer you a prompt to interact with it. You can check out ModernWarzone exploring this below for reference:

Now you know how to upgrade your Armored Truck in Warzone... Let's talk upgrades.

All Upgrades & Prices

There's a new way to travel in Warzone, but you're going to need a bit of money to make sure you're at your strongest. The Armored Truck upgrade prices are similar to what we see at a standard Buy Station, though, so there's nothing too out of the ordinary at play.

Below, we have all the Armored Truck upgrade options and how much they cost:

  • Armored Truck
    • Refill Trophy - $2500
    • Repair Armored Truck - $1500
  • Armored Truck Upgrade
    • UAV - $4000
    • Trophy System - $3000
    • Heat Resistant Barrel - $ 3000
    • Heavy Armour - $2000
  • Shipment
    • Armour Box - $6000
    • Munitions Box - $4500

At the moment, there is no word on whether this is a temporary change or a permanent one. However, it looks like the changes are appearing in all standard Warzone games. This would suggest they're here for the long run.

First the Red Doors, now this? What's next!