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How to unlock Kitsune, a key Perseus operative, in Black Ops & Warzone

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 is here and there are a few new faces joining the fight. If you want to know how to unlock the Kitsune Operator, you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know about unlocking this new playable character in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

How to unlock the Kitsune Operator

Official Character Information:

" Born in Kobe, Kitsune left her family’s organized crime past behind to join Perseus, aligning her values with that set by the new world order they are trying to install. Cautious, thorough, and effective, Kitsune relishes any chance she has to use her enemy’s tools against them."
Black Ops Cold War Unlock Kitsune Operator Season 5
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ULTRA-RARITY - This looks like it's going to be the Tier 100 skin for Kitsune

You can unlock Kitsune by purchasing the Season 5 Battle Pass. Her default Operator Skin is available at Tier 0 and an Ultra-Rarity Operator Skin is available at Tier 100. In addition to this, if you purchase the Battle Pass Bundle during the first two weeks of Season 5, you get access to a limited-time Kitsune Operator Skin.

The Battle Pass Bundle comes with access to the Season 5 Battle Pass and instantly unlocks the first 25 Tiers. The Battle Pass will cost you 1,000 COD Points, with the Battle Pass Bundle setting you back quite a few more.

You can also unlock Kitsune by purchasing an in-store Operator Bundle with a Kitsune Operator Skin included. These should be added to the store rotation with the Season 5 update.

When does Season 5 start?

UPDATE: Kitsune is now available via the Season 5 Battle Pass. If you purchase the Battle Pass Bundle before Augue Battle Pass Bundle before August st 26th, you will also get the Kyubi Kitsune Operator Skin.

The next major update for Black Ops Cold War, introducing Kitsune and the rest of Season 5's content, is almost here. It's due to start on August 12th at the following times:

  • 21:00 August 11th - PST
  • 00:00 August 12th - EST
  • 05:00 August 12th - BST

There's a lot of content on the way in this update. Double Agent, a new game mode, is joined by the EM2 Assault Rifle and TEC-9 SMG alongside a whole tank-load of new Outbreak content. It's going to be an update you won't want to miss.

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