Warzone Challenge Guide: How to survive a jump from Nakatomi Tower

For the most part, Warzone's 80s Action Heroes event challenges are pretty straightforward. For example, grabbing Dog Tags in Power Grab is quite self-explanatory. However, if there's one that raises a few eyebrows it's this one...

If you need a hand with completing the Warzone challenge that tasks you with needing to survive a jump from the roof of the towering Nakatomi Plaza, we have you covered.

For posterity, the challenge reads exactly as follows: "survive a jump to the ground from the top of the Nakatomi Tower".


How To Survive A Jump To The Ground From Nakatomi Tower

First things first, you're going to need to head to the roof. This isn't too complicated from the ground, but Nakatomi Plaza is a popular POI at the moment so you might find you'll need to fight your way up.

If the flight path is being nice, your best chance of doing this is by dropping onto the tower at Nakatomi Plaza from the plane. This will still be busy but it's your best chance at doing this challenge nice and quick.

Warzone Jump Nakatomi Tower Survive
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IT MIGHT BE BUSY - You'll need to make sure you're dropping first (Credit: Entity Cell)

Once you land on the highest part of the Nakatomi Plaza roof, all you need to do is jump off straight away.


Now, there are two ways you can proceed from here... Firstly, you can pull your chute straight away and circle around Nakatomi Tower if you actually wanted to drop here, and you should get it once you hit the floor or the first level of glass roofing that can be found around the base of the building.

Alternatively, you can just dive off into Downtown and pull your chute closer to the ground. As soon as you hit something solid, you should get the "Challenge Complete" super-imposed graphic and unlock sound pop up after a few moments. This will award you with an Emblem; Lucky you!

Call of Duty's fourth season with Warzone integration is due to kick off soon so make sure you're completing this one quick. The challenge won't be available forever!