How To Pack-A-Punch on Firebase Z: Walkthrough, Location, Upgrades and More

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Looking to Pack-A-Punch in Firebase Z? We have you covered.

COD Zombies fans will be well-aware of the boons brought on by an upgraded weapon.

Aside from a fancy, futuristic bullets, Pack-A-Punched weapons hit harder and often have more ammo capacity to do this.

It is a vital part of any COD Zombies experience and Firebase Z isn't any different. Below, we've got a step-by-step guide on how to Pack-A-Punch on Firebase Z.


How To Pack-A-Punch

You'll be pleased to know that this isn't as complicated as it was on Die Maschine, the first Black Ops Cold War Zombies map.

When you spawn into Firebase Z, you'll notice a powered-down Pack-A-Punch machine.

The machine is in the Village with you, located next to Ravenov's Office in the Atrium.

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The main issue here is that you'll need to turn on the power in Firebase Z to get the Pack-A-Punch machine up and running.

In order to do this, you need to turn on three reactors in Firebase Z. Each reactor costs 500 Points to activate and requires protection for a little bit while they begin to start up.

Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Pack-A-Punch Power Reactor
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POWER - TheGamingRevolution is giving us a look at what to look for!

Below are the three places you can find the reactors:

  • Mission Control Room;
  • Military Command;
  • Data Center;

When each reactor is done, a Dark Aether pulse will kill any remaining zombies in the area.

After this, all you need to do is return to the Village and the Pack-A-Punch machine will be ready to go!

The reactors automatically power the map, so there's no power switch.

Pack-A-Punch Information

Much like Die Maschine, the Firebase Z Pack-A-Punch machine offers multiple upgrades and Ammo Mods for players to improve their equipped weapon.

Like any COD Zombies, the first Pack-A-Punch upgrade will cost 5000 Points.


From here, level 2 and level 3 will cost substantially more. However, it's definitely worth it!

Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Pack-A-Punch Power On
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POWER! - TheGamingRevolution show us a powered-up Pack-A-Punch machine

Ammo Mods are also available from the Pack-A-Punch machine in Firebase Z.

In a similar fashion to Elemental Pop, they apply an Elemental Effect to your weapon that has a random chance to activate with a cooldown.

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The Firebase Z Pack-A-Punch machine just lets you decide which Ammo Mod you want to have more frequently.

If you're just looking to survive, Brain Rot is by-far one of the best choices. When upgraded, Brain Rot Zombies do serious damage to the hordes of undead.

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