Vanguard: Best way to level up fast in the new Call of Duty

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Picked up Vanguard over the weekend? You might be wondering how you can get the edge on your opponents with new weapons and attachments. You're going to need to level up fast for all of that - thankfully, there are ways you can help increase your levelling speed in-game. Of course, killing people and playing multiplayer is how you get XP... But there's more to it than that.

UPDATE - New Playlist Update caters to fast levelling

Sledgehammer Games has just added Zone Blitz to Call of Duty Vanguard's multiplayer and this is, perhaps, the most chaotic - but the most effective - way to level up fast in multiplayer.


Zone Blitz is a playlist that throws you into all maps on Domination, Hardpoint, and Patrol on Blitz Combat Pacing.

In Zone Blitz, you're going to get a lot of kills and you're going to also have a chance to get objective-based XP bonuses. This means you'll earn more XP per kill if you're attacking, defending, or holding an objective. When you combine this with the sheer number of kills you'll get in Blitz combat Pacing... It's a win-win! Get those Double XP Tokens out, Operators!

How to Level Up Fast in Vanguard

Use XP Tokens

First off is a simple one, use your XP tokens and make sure you know how to get the most out of them! They each have a live timer that does not stop when you exit a game. What this means is it's best to activate a token only as you're in a well-populated lobby and know you can play for the entirety of the token's duration.

vanguard fast xp tokens weapons

There's no use activating a one-hour XP token when you're only going to be playing Vanguard for around 20 minutes, you'll lose the other 40 minutes of double XP!

Complete Challenges

When you first start playing Vanguard, you'll begin completing challenges without even realising it. Once the initial rush of XP slows down after a couple of hours, you can head into the challenges menu and see the specifics of what you need to do.

vanguard fast XP challenges

A lot of the early objectives you will complete or at least start to work on without even realising it. More challenges will unlock as you level up offering the chance to earn greater XP but with more difficult challenges.

Get Good...

Okay... calm down, we're only joking! One way to earn additional XP, however, is to get kills with style. This can be quickfire multi-kills, headshots or killstreak eliminations. Taking your opportunities when they arise will lead to lots of bonus XP.

If you have the chance to use a finishing move, this also awards more XP. Finally, at the end of each match, make sure you vote for the Match MVP. This only awards 25 XP but all you have to do is press a button to receive it!


Level Up Operators

The more you play as each individual operator you can earn XP to level them up. They also have their own special challenges that you can complete for additional XP.

vanguard operator challenges xp

Their challenges can be anything from earning wins while playing as that operator or getting kills in a specific fashion e.g finishing moves or equipment kills.