Call of Duty Warzone's new RAAL LMG really is a beast

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You might have spotted the RAAL Blueprint for the Rook LMG before in Warzone.

After popping up as an inaccessible challenge reward in December 2020, the RAAL blueprint Rook LMG is back in Call of Duty's Battle Royale!

It's a low-recoil long-distance beast of a weapon and it's well worth keeping an eye out for.

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Below, we have everything you need to know about picking this up in Verdansk and unlocking the RAAL LMG in Warzone.


Finding The RAAL / Rook LMG

Annoyingly, there's only really one good way of getting the RAAL / Rook LMG in Warzone at the moment and that is looting.

If you're lucky, you can find the RAAL / Rook LMG as Supply Box Loot or Floor Loot in any standard Warzone playlist.

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Sadly, there isn't any quick fix or hack at the moment either so the only way to get it in-game is to loot, loot, and then loot a little bit more.

RAAL LMG Warzone Rook Floor Loot Bunker
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LOOT - This blueprint for the RAAL / Rook LMG was found by a now-deleted Redditor

The RAAL LMG features a unique range-finding optic and is a silenced powerhouse at long ranges. With Warzone's mounting feature, expect to be able to deal with a lot of enemies with this one.


RAAL / Rook LMG Hidden Challenges

With all that said though, there are some hidden challenges you can complete.

Although you can't unlock the weapon as it isn't officially in Warzone yet, the RAAL / Rook LMG unlock conditions are as follows:

  • Get 5 Kills in 7 different matches with LMGs using a Scout Optic Scope

You might not fancy the Scout Optic, but you don't actually need to be aiming down with it for the kills to register towards the challenge.

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So, a few games on Shipment 24/7 with a Tac Laser could see you doing this fairly easily.

Warzone RAAL LMG Shipment Map Modern Warfare
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SHIPMENT - The BEST place to complete almost any Modern Warfare challenge

This won't let you unlock the weapon for Warzone yet, though. It should show up as a buyable weapon in Modern Warfare's Spec-Ops survival mode once you finish it though.


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Raven Software is clearly having a little bit of a nightmare here, but it's a good sign that a new Modern Warfare weapon is coming to Warzone.

Store Bundles?

At the moment, the short answer is no. There aren't any Store Bundles with the RAAL / Rook LMG in there.

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In addition to this, there aren't even any rumours of it appearing anytime soon!

Warzone RAAL LMG Soap Operator Bundle
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MUPPET - Soap's Operator Bundle HAS to be dropping soon, right?

The Soap Operator Bundle that's been making the rounds comes with a CX-9 SMG, another leaked weapon, but there's no mention of the RAAL / Rook LMG yet.

For the latest on what's coming to Warzone, Raven Software's social media channels are always updated first!