Black Ops Cold War is finally getting a permanent Nuke Scorestreak

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Season 4 Reloaded is almost here and there's one thing everyone's talking about in regards to the new update. Black Ops Cold War is getting a Nuke Scorestreak. Here's everything you need to know about how that's going to work...

How To Get A Nuke In Black Ops Cold War?

Starting on July 15th, following the Season 4 Reloaded update, you'll be able to earn the Nuke Scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War's Multiplayer.


Unlike Modern Warfare titles, Black Ops Cold War's Nuke Scorestreak will only activate when you get the Nuclear Medal in-game. How do you get this medal, though?

Well... To get a Nuclear Medal, you'll need to "Kill 30 enemies without dying". Seems simple enough, right? This is five more than the Nuke Killstreak on Modern Warfare titles in the past and it looks like you should be able to still have three Killstreaks enabled alongside this.

There is no confirmation as to whether Scorestreak kills will count towards this Nuclear Medal, yet. It is also important to note that activating the Nuke Scorestreak will not end the game. It will kill every player on the map, but on respawn-based modes, it will not end the round and/or game.

What Playlists Are Exempt?

Black Ops Cold War's Nuke Scorestreak isn't available everywhere, though. There is a selection of Playlists that will be exempt and have the Nuclear Medal disabled (presumably).

  • League Play, and any CDL variants;
  • Multi-Team modes, like Fireteam: Dirty Bomb;
  • Party Games, including Prop Hunt, Gun Game, & One in the Chamber;
  • Gunfight;

For the most part, this selection of Playlists isn't surprising. Can you imagine getting 30 kills without dying in any of Black Ops Cold War's Party Games? It feels almost impossible. This can be applied to Gunfight too. It is literally impossible in this 2v2 elimination mode.

Black Ops Cold War Nuke Scorestreak
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FIRST VERDANSK, NOW THE WORLD - We're not sure if a cutscene is going to play every time someone gets a Nuke... But it should

You do have to wonder why it's being removed for Multi-Team modes, though. We can imagine that this has something to do with the server issues it would cause to spawn everyone in again at the same time mid-game. However, having it enabled in Multi-Team modes would add another degree of strategy which could improve the game mode.

Think of it like a Bounty Contract in Warzone... It would make for an exciting bit of gameplay if everyone was hunting a player who was only a few kills away from a Nuke, right?

Season 4 Reloaded is coming out on July 15th, preloading should be available now.