How to find and unlock the new Satellite Caches in Warzone Season 4

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Jackal is makin' it rain on Verdansk '84! Sadly, though, he isn't throwing money at you. Rather, he's thrown a Satellite at Verdansk '84. Warzone Season 4 is well underway and there's a new objective worth checking out.

Table of Contents

Here's how you can find a Satellite Cache in Warzone throughout the Ground Fall event that's kicking off Season 4.


LATEST - Guaranteed Satellite Cache Drops?

If you're looking for a way to guarantee you're finding a Satellite Cache in Warzone, look no further. All you need to do is find an Uplink Station.

We know this is easier said than done, but if you find and secure one of these you can actually spawn a Satellite Cache drop. They're a little hard to spot but you should get a marker pop up when you're in close proximity to one of the following:

Warzone Season 4 Ground Fall Event
SOURCE AND SECURE - This is what you're looking for in Verdansk '84; They're not too easy to spot

We're also currently under the impression that they spawn in a similar fashion to Buy Stations. That is, there's a set number of locations they can spawn but these are random in each game.

Securing one of these is similar to doing a Recon Contract, so expect to be a little more out in the open than you want to be. However, you can just about hide behind one so it might be worth sending one of your squad members to go and secure it for you!

How To Find Satellite Caches

At the moment, there isn't a specific way to find Satellite Caches. They appear in-game at random, seemingly spawning throughout the map without a triggering effect.


As you can see in the clip from ModernWarzone below, the Satellite Caches spawn at random with an icon not dissimilar to the Loadout Drop marker. From here, you just interact with the Satellite Cache to open it and reap the rewards.

Players are finding HARPs, which is essentially Black Ops' version of an Advanced UAV, Loadout Drop Markers, and more.

These, when combined with the Red Doors, make for a good way to get Scorestreaks.

Satellite Crash Site Locations

That being said, Raven Software has shared some information about where the three new Satellite Crash Sites are going to be found. These are more permanent features in Verdansk '84 and should be useful for the various bits of loot around them.

Warzone Season 4 Satellite Caches Find Unlock
FIGHT FOR IT - You won't be the only players going for the loot!

Below, we have all the locations you need to know about below:

  • Krovnik Farmland
    • Right in the middle of some poor farmer’s crops is one crashed satellite, its fuselage split into multiple parts amid the field.
  • Bloc 18
    • Closer to the once-sleepy village near the Salt Mines lies another downed satellite. Its location leaves it open to Operators parachuting down from the Radar Array.
  • Bloc 16
    • Deep within the Gora riverbed near the Airport Control Tower, a more intact satellite sits ready to be explored.
  • Gora Bridge
    • Spanning the Gora River between Downtown Fire Station 12 and the Promenade Fairgrounds, this bridge saw a direct impact from the downed satellite, taking a chunk out of its brickwork.

It's worth noting, the new Satellite Crash Sites aren't going to show up on your Mini-Map. So, knowing these locations is going to help you out in the long run.