Godrx: "I was annoyed at the fact that it was in talks for three days and he waited until 16 hours before roster lock to tell us"

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Photo Credit: MLG

myst: Alright, I want to start off with the news broke out last night, which was Xotic your now-former teammate leaving your roster to join the Evil Genius squad in return for Lacefield. Now with all the speculation from Parasite, Xoitc and Pandurs sides would you mind sharing your side of the story?

GodRx: Well I only found out about John going to EG like an hour before everything was said on Twitter, I was annoyed at the fact that it was in talks for three days and he waited until 16 hours before roster lock to tell us.


myst: Now with Lacefield on the team, you guys are now no longer automatically in Pools, instead, you will be in the Play-In stage. How do you feel this 5-man lineup fairs in the play in stage?

GodRx: I believe we are the number one seed going into the play in tournament, I feel really confident that we will make it through, we all know how important it is and all know what's on the line.

myst: Essentially now with this lineup, it is the Ex-Ghost Gaming plus Theory, and we saw the success you guys had at champs fighting to a well earned 9-12th finish. Would it be clear that the ultimate goal is to secure a spot in the CWL World League come Vegas? Care to elaborate on the expectations everyone has within this team.

GodRx: Obviously the main goal is to secure a spot in the CWL World League come Vegas. We all know what it takes to be the best and just gotta keep on grinding and building chemistry.

myst: On the notion of Ghost Gaming, many people in the community thought that they would keep onto your lineup after champs, was it a mutual departure or is there any more behind the split?

GodRx: It was a mutual departure, Ghost Gaming has been an amazing organization and I'm thankful for everything they've done for me.

myst: Another topic I wanted to touch on is with many notable rosters now being left without an org and rumors have circulated your team that you were close to signing, is there any ongoing conversations with orgs?


GodRx: As of now we are talking to a few organizations, we should be signing with one, at the latest, Monday.

myst: Closing the interview, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this, as well is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

GodRx: Thank you for the interview brother! Just wanna say thank you as always for supporting me and the rest of the team, it really means a lot, really hoping to see some of y'all at Vegas!

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