Vanguard Festive Fervour Events: How to unlock free Battle Pass Tiers

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Call of Duty Vanguard has had a successful launch period, all things considered, but Sledgehammer Games and Call of Duty as a whole are still rewarding players for actually owning Vanguard. During the Festive Fervor Event, Vanguard owners are going to be able to get a few in-game bonuses and we have everything you need to know about how you can access these below.

You can get free Battle Pass Tiers with Vanguard

Over the next couple of weeks, there's going to be quite a few free rewards for Warzone and Vanguard players - however, not all of those are related to the Festive Fervor Event Challenges. Some of these rewards are things you can get your hands on just by owning and playing Vanguard!


If you own Call of Duty Vanguard and you've played one full game in any Multiplayer mode before December 31st, you'll be able to access the following rewards:

  • 10 Battle Pass Tier Skips (Vanguard Season One)
    • " These are enough to automatically unlock a free Calling Card and 100 COD Points, or even more rewards if the Season One Battle Pass is purchased. Combine it with a Battle Pass Bundle, and you can get over 30 Tiers of content, which contains over 40 items across Vanguard and Warzone, right at the beginning of the season."
  • 10% XP Boost (Vanguard Season One)
    • " Earn that next Prestige Icon, weapon attachment, or Battle Pass Tier just a bit quicker with this XP Boost. Expert tip: the 10% XP boost for playing with a Clan, as well as the boosts from the Battle Pass and other sources, stacks with this reward!"
  • All Vanguard Tier Rewards (Black Ops Cold War Season Six)
    • " If you haven’t already earned them last season, anyone who purchases Vanguard will receive these for free."
Vanguard Festive Fervour Event Season One Battle Pass Rewards Tiers
BATTLE PASS PROGRESS - Looking for some free Tiers?

You should get these rewards starting on December 16th - if you have already played Vanguard, then you should be able to get these rewards for free as soon as the Festive Fervor Event starts.