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"WW2 will be my last hurrah": exclusive interview with CoD pro Jordan "Restrain" Stapp

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Call of Duty has seen a recent resurgence in popularity after Activision announced that Sledgehammer Games would produce a boots on the ground game called Call of Duty: WW2. Returning to the series roots, the Call of Duty scene has seen many former pros return to the game after a well-received console/PC beta. We talked with former CoD pro Jordan "Restrain" Stapp about his time in playing Call of Duty originally, what he did after he quit, and if he plans to return for World War 2. 

RealSport: For the audience that might not remember you, when did you first start playing Call of Duty professionally and when did you first find success?

Restrain: I first started playing Call of Duty on the original Xbox when the first one came out, just playing campaign because my neighbor bought it. By the time Call of Duty 4 came out, I was addicted and grinding the game. Modern Warfare 2 was my first taste of success in the competitive scene and Black Ops 1 was my first game at the professional level. 

RS: What caused you to take a break from competitive Call of Duty?

Restrain: Outside of gaming, I was a diehard athlete. I lived and breathed anything sports related. I had to officially take a break from competitive call of duty when I got into college. I was playing two college sports and couldn’t juggle a third priority. 

RS: What has being a highschool teacher been like for a former competitive Call of Duty player?


Restrain: Honestly, teaching has been one of the best experiences of my life. It’s definitely something different for me. I’ve always wanted to help people's kids, and try to raise the standards and goals of the kids around me, both in life and sports. With teaching, I only work 180 days a year and I’m off by 3pm, which leaves a lot of time for streaming and Call of Duty.

RS: You have an active Twitch stream and a following. What is it like streaming regularly?

Restrain: Streaming is one of the most fun things I’ve done when it’s going well. I love interacting with people and playing the games I enjoy. CoD is just the start of my streams. H1Z1 used to get a ton of stream time. Interaction is the main feature of my streams. I’m constantly talking to everyone and keeping good vibes.

RS: How do you see yourself adjusting to Call of Duty: WW2? 

Restrain: Call of Duty WWII will be the last hurrah for my Call of Duty competitive days, perhaps. It fits my perspective of CoD perfectly as I started when the games were good! Playing the BETA showed a lot of promise and with the developer support we’ve been promised, I think CoD can blow up again like the Black Ops 2 days. 

RS: Are there any things specifically you want from competitive WW2? 

Restrain: I’m hoping for consistent maps, modes, and guns. I hate when developers try to do to much with the games. Keep it simple.

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