Will Dynamic Wall Buys really help you in high-round Zombies games?

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Black Ops Cold War's Season 4 Reloaded update is full of new Zombies content. There's a new Perk-A-Cola, Mauer Der Toten, Meta Changes... It's actually quite an important update for those of us who prefer to kill the undead instead of others online. However, Dynamic Wall Buys are being added. This isn't a bad thing... But it almost feels like a waste of time. Here's everything we know.

What Is A "Dynamic Wall Buy"?

You'll be pleased to know that "Dynamic Wall Buy" means exactly what it says; they will be Wall Buy weapons that dynamically increase in rarity as you progress through any Round-Based Zombies map on Black Ops Cold War.

To quote Treyarch's Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes...

" Wall Buy weapons in all round-based Zombies maps will now have a chance to increase in rarity at the end of every fifth round, giving players more weapon options to choose from as the rounds go up."

Before this update, a Wall Buy would be randomly assigned a lower rarity and that is what it would stay at throughout the game. Now, though, they can increase dynamically all the way up to Legendary.

Do They Matter That Much?

It's hard to say, in truth. Collecting Salvage and Scrap for upgrading your Weapon Rarity in Black Ops Cold War's Zombies can be a pain, but it's quite easy to climb up to an Epic Rarity within 10 to 15 rounds. The real challenge is collecting 1000 High-End Salvage to upgrade this to Legendary.

However, isn't this part of the challenge? There are several Weapon Attachments you can equip to your custom class that increase the drop rate of Salvage and you can get quite a lot from collecting higher-rarity Trials Rewards and killing Elite Enemies.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Dynamic Wall Buys
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BOUND TO HAVE SCRAP - We don't know a lot about this Elite enemy, but they're bound to drop High-End Salvage

With Dynamic Wall Buys having "a chance to increase in rarity" every five rounds, you could find yourself at Round 30 before a Wall Buy weapon you want is Legendary rarity. At this point, most people either have a Wonder Weapon or a Legendary weapon anyway.


At the very least, you're most likely to have a Tier 2 Pack-A-Punched weapon. Buying a Wall Buy weapon would remove all Pack-A-Punch and Ammo Modifications.

This means you'll need around 20,000 Points to hit Tier 2 Pack-A-Punch and another 2,500 for an Ammo Modification. In addition to this, you'd also be spending more on the Wall Buy weapon, to begin with! The higher a Wall buy rarity, the more expensive it is. If you're sitting on a spare 40,000 points... It might be easier to splash out on a Legendary Dynamic Wall Buy weapon and head to the Pack-A-Punch machine, but it doesn't seem like a viable tactic.

When Will They Be Active?

Mauer Der Toten, Mule Kick, Dynamic Wall Buys, and all the other Season 4 Reloaded changes come into effect from 21:00 PST (July 14) / 00:00 EST / 05:00 BST on July 15th.

You can already start to pre-download and pre-install the update, which has changed the Black Ops Cold War Zombies' menu imagery, but the promised changes remain inactive until then.

This should mean that Dynamic Wall Buys will be active on Die Maschine, Firebase Z, and Mauer Der Toten from early tomorrow morning. Do you think they'll make a huge difference?