11 Feb 2021 2:42 PM +00:00 UTC

Do You Need PS Plus To Play Call of Duty: Warzone?

As a free-to-play title, you might be wondering whether you need a PS Plus membership to play Call of Duty: Warzone.

Launching in March 2020, Warzone was released as free-to-play regardless of platform.

However, due to the online nature of its gameplay and the current need for a PS Plus subscription to play most online games... You might be wondering if this is the case for Warzone.

Below, we're answering the question "Do you need PS Plus to play Warzone?"

Do You Need PS Plus?

This is pretty simple, so fear not.

Warzone PS Plus Screenshot Battle
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CHAOS - Warzone is chaotic at the best of times!

Nope. You do not.


If you're playing on a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5, you don't need an active PS Plus subscription in order to play.

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For example, if you were playing on Black Ops Cold War... You would need PS Plus to play Multiplayer or Zombies. However, if you wanted to jump into Verdansk, you wouldn't!

You DO Need An Account Though

In order to "Purchase" Warzone and download it, you will need a PSN account and an internet connection.

Warzone PS Plus Armored Royale Screenshot
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ARMORED ROYALE - Warzone doesn't just offer up standard BR Playlists

Warzone is an exclusively online title and you will need a PSN account in order to add it to your game library and download the title to your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.


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Luckily, this is really easy to do and PlayStation forces users to make/add a PSN Account to their console.

If you don't have one yet though, you can head to the PlayStation Network website and Create An Account here.