CWL Fort Worth: Players to Watch

CWL Fort Worth is set to kick off March 15-17 but who exactly are the players you should keep your eyes on?

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The second CWL event of the year is quickly approaching us, and with the conclusion of the first four Pro League weeks and the roster mania drama that the community is undergoing CWL Fort Worth is full of story lines. 

With new rosters set to debut for the first time in Dallas, we dive into three players to keep your eye on throughout the course of CWL Fort Worth. 

1. Dylan -> Team Reciprocity 

Photo Credit: CodGamePedia

Despite Team Sween’s failures to qualify for the Pro League, Dylan was phenomenal throughout the qualifiers. Clutch performances in SND against Red Reserve in their qualification match showcased his true potential and made him one of the hottest commodity’s. Dylan has only recently competed albeit at the amateur scene until recently, he has quickly developed into a dynamic and intelligent player. 

Now promoted to replace Denz on the main roster, Dylan is looking to make his mark. Reciprocity has struggled throughout the Pro League, rocky performances from individuals and team play that has been questionable have hindered the European squad. Dylan can bring a new dynamic to this squad, has stellar SND game play accompanied with his consistent gun skill can propel Reciprocity to the top of their Pro League group and potentially a top-four finish at Fort Worth. 

2. Parzelion -> UYU

Photo Credit: CodGamePedia

Amid the controversy surrounding the Midnight organization,  Parzelion has escaped the contractual shackles that Midnight latched upon him and has found a new home on UYU. Joining a resurgent UYU roster which has steadily improved since the addition of Methodz, the squad sits at 3-4 with impressive wins over LG, Reciprocity, and EG. 

Pazelion’s addition to this roster can further elevate this lineup to potentially create major upsets at Fort Worth. Being statistically one of the best ICR’s in the game at the moment, Parzelion controls the temp and flow of the respawn game modes, consistently securing spawns to gain his team any advantage will solidify his value in this lineup. 

3. Attach -> Evil Geniuses

Photo Credit: CodGamePedia

The former World Champ who has lifted countless trophies in his long career now finds himself on Evil Geniuses replacing Faccento who recently shocked the community because of his retirement from the competitive scene. Attach has arguably been one of the most consistent players in all of Competitive COD though his years of competing. His prestige and veteran leadership will immensely benefit EG who have looked poised to take matches off the best teams but have ultimately faltered in the Pro League so far. 

On paper, Attach is an immediate upgrade to Faccento but there are areas of concern regarding this new lineup. With how fast-paced Black Ops 4 is, we have seen teams like Heretics dominate the League so far because of their relentless aggression that has taken teams off guard every time they encounter them. EG’s fate may be decided by their pacing with this new lineup. EG needs to speed up their game play to counter team’s relentless play style, doing so can elevate this roster to a prime position at CWL Fort Worth. 


Nick Farrell

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