CWL Fort Worth biggest takeaways

Luminosity Gaming ultimately lifted the trophy at CWL Fort Worth, but there are numerous storylines to carry away from the second event of the season.

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To many fans and analysts surprise, Luminosity was the victor in Fort Worth, steamrolling through the winner’s bracket they defied the odds and defeated Splyce 3-1 in the Grand Finals. 

CWL Fort Worth was an event for the ages, upsets were many, as favorites OpTic Gaming were at the demise of GenG on Saturday. We saw the Open Bracket dominated by FaZe Clan Black and the arrival of a new star within the scene.

These are our biggest takeaways from CWL Fort Worth.

The Surge of Dylan

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Before CWL Fort Worth kicked off, we showcased three players to keep your eyes on throughout the event. Having only competed in his first Major event last year at CWL Birmingham, Dylan saw a meteoric rise since Black Ops 4 release. He made everyone aware of his SND prowess in the PLQ, nearly qualifying under the Team Sween banner but ultimately falling to European counterparts in Red Reserve. 

Dylan was Team Reciprocity’s newest addition to their starting lineup, filling the void of Denz who has been underwhelming since his transition from the Australian scene, Dylan came in and dominated the opposition. Reciprocity was pitted in the group of death, bashing heads against Envy, OpTic Gaming and eUnited, Reciprocity surprised everyone by topping their group with a roster that had a little over a week of full practice leading up to Fort Worth. 

Falling to Engima6 in Winners Round 1 kicked off Reciprocity and Dylan’s dominance. Over the course of three consecutive series in Loser’s Bracket with their backs against the wall, Reciprocity defeated UYU, GenG and their rivals Red Reserve all in Game 5 fashions. Dylan was phenomenal throughout their marvelous Loser Bracket run, bolstering a top 15 K/D ratio throughout the entirety of CWL Fort Worth while consistently being a menace in SND. Although Reciprocity came up short in their Loser’s Finals match against Splyce, Fort Worth was a statement for the Europeans. With expectations at new levels with this revamped roster, Rec has a bright future for the remainder of the season. 

Will Envy Find Consistency?

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Envy had a shaky start to the Black Ops 4 season, with a 9-12’th finish at CWL Las Vegas the reigning World Champs and arguably one of the best players in the world in Huke were at a loss. They silenced the critics by storming throughout the PLQ, securing an automatic qualification, but have since looked complacent in the Pro League sitting at a 3-4 record thus far.

Like Reciprocity they were also seeded in the group of death, in a similar fashion to Reciprocity as well they came out with fire. Victorious in their matches against eUnited and OpTic Gaming surprised many, Envy seemed like a cohesive unit again with all members firing, they looked as if they were back in form. Then came bracket play.

Envy kicked off their Winners Round 1 pitted against Red Reserve and Red came out and 3-0ed them in a rather convincing style. Now Envy was tasked with making a stunning Loser’s Bracket run to avoid yet another 9-12th finish. They faced off against the Spaniards in Heretics, a team that made a questionable decision in swapping their roles and looked lost and not in sync throughout Fort Worth. However, Heretics were fresh off a 3-2 victory over Excelerate Gaming and Envy were ultimately at their demise, falling 3-1 in the series and bowing out of Fort Worth with a 9-12th finish again.

The Envy on Friday versus the Envy on Saturday were polar opposites of each other, with Huke being the one glimmering light for Envy this season. Inconsistencies have plagued this team from match to match. Apathy has yet to regain his year end form from last year so far, and with no clear cut secondary star to Huke we might be seeing a roster change in Envy’s future. 

Luminosity Prove the Doubters Wrong

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Although Luminosity placed top 4 at CWL Las Vegas, securing their automatic qualification into the Pro League the team was still plagued with issues. At Las Vegas, we witnessed LG’s questionable and inconsistent specialists usage, from Slacked missing every tempest shot to other players running specialists not keen to their play style. The trio of Slacked, John, and Classic have been underwhelming throughout both CWL Las Vegas and the beginning of the Pro League where the trio were all sub 0.91 K/D ratios putting more pressure on Gunless and Formal to carry the weight. However, Fort Worth was where LG killed their demons and emerged victorious. 

Luminosity looked like a different team this past weekend, we saw individual showcases from every member of the team which relieved the pressure off of their heavy hitters in Gunless and Formal. Slacked was influential this weekend, foregoing the nickname given him “Slacked Slam” because of his inconsistent Gravity Slam usage and showcased his talents to the scene yet again. Classic developed a new meta within the game, opting to use the Rampart in favor of the Maddox which he had a sub 0.90 K/D ratio with. Switching to the Rampart saw his K/D jump to an astonishing 1.28 throughout the course of the event. Classic’s Rampart usage caused a domino effect as other teams like Splyce were forced to use this weapon as well to counter Classic’s dominance with this weapon. 

Luminosity look to capitalize on their recent momentum headed into the cross-divisional play for the Pro League. With other teams and players now well aware of their fondness of the Rampart the biggest question for this squad is will we continue to see the Fort Worth Luminosity, or will they fall back to old ways?

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