Cold War Season One Adds New Prop Hunt Maps

Black Ops Cold War Season One Reloaded continues and with it brings another batch of Prop Hunt maps.

Firebase Z and Express are the two big selling points for the latest Title Update released for Black Ops Cold War. However, that doesn't mean that's all that was added.

Alongside weapon balancing and Gunfight updates, Prop Hunt fans will be pleased to know that a few more maps were added to the playlist.


New Maps

Treyarch's Season One Reloaded Continues blog post was packed to the brim with exciting updates and information about the future of Black Ops Cold War.

One thing that may have been a little overlooked at first, but deserves our full attention, is the fact that more Prop Hunt maps have been added to Black Ops Cold War!

Below we've listed the four new maps coming to the playlist:

  • Express;
  • Raid;
  • Crossroads Strike;
  • Armada Strike;
Black Ops Cold War New Prop Hunt Maps Crossroads Strike
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HIDE! - Just one of the new Prop Hunt maps that has been added

In Prop Hunt, two teams alternate in a "hide-and-seek" format where the "hide" team are playing as random items from around the map.


They don't have any offensive capabilities, only the ability to swap what object they are and to drop a Stun Grenade as they make an escape.

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The team hunting them are equipped with SMGs most of the time and have couple of minutes to clear the map of enemy items.

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It's a unique game mode that you don't see many other places and it's continued support helps to offer Black Ops Cold War players more options when logging in to play.

The new Prop Hunt maps are live right now, so you best get hiding!