CoD Vanguard Pre Order Bonuses: How to Claim Pre Order Blueprints & Operator Skins

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With Call of Duty Vanguard releasing very soon, you'll likely want to get a clear picture of the pre-order bonuses you might be getting. While the official breakdown is pretty confusing, we've got a better rundown of the CoD Vanguard pre order bonuses and how you get them in-game.

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All CoD Vanguard Pre-Order Bonuses

We'll break the bonuses down by what everyone who pre orders gets and what's exclusive to the ultimate editions.

Frontline Weapons Pack

The Frontline Weapons Pack is something that all players will get for digitally pre-ordering Vanguard on any platform. It includes two weapon blueprints:

Shredder Submachine Gun - is configured with seven attachments that turn this workhorse into a bigger threat for mid-range engagements. This includes a magazine attachment that increases the caliber of bullets for better damage at range, and a long barrel that improves accuracy, and some stability when maneuvering more slowly. Complete with some additional parts for tempering increased recoil, it allows this weapon to compete with some of the Assault Rifles at those prolonged distances.

Wildwood Submachine Gun - is configured with eight attachments, one of which is a barrel that changes the weapon from a fully automatic close-quarters tool to a burst-fire weapon. Combined with a magazine attachment chambered in higher caliber ammunition, this variation on the highly mobile Submachine Gun via the Weapon Blueprint makes it a unique addition to your loadouts on day one. So long as your aim is true, this weapon can be used to aim around corners and down targets with a single burst.

According to Activision, these blueprints will be available to use as soon as Vanguard is out. To use these pre order bonuses in-game, you'll need to unlock Create a Class at rank 4 and then build the classes using these blueprints.

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Arthur Kingsley Operator

All digital pre-orders will also come with the Arthur Kingsley Operator, which once again can be used from the start of the game.

You should be able to equip him from the Operators tab from the moment you load up Vanguard's multiplayer.

Double Weapon XP

The standard version of Vanguard will also come with five hours of double weapon XP.

You'll get these as tokens once you load up the game.

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If you pre order the Digital Ultimate Edition, though, you'll also get five hours of normal Double XP, on top of the weapon XP.

Task Force One Pack - Digital Ultimate Edition

On top of the Frontline Weapons pack, anyone who pre orders the Digital Ultimate Edition will also get the Task Force One pack, which includes three Operator skins and three weapon blueprints. They are:

Themed Operator Skins:

  • Shepherd skin for Second Lieutenant Lucas Riggs of the 20th Battalion, Australian Military Forces.
  • Arctic Shadow skin for Lieutenant Polina Petrova of the 138th Rifle Division, Red Army.
  • Bomber skin for Captain Wade Jackson of Scouting Squadron Six, United States Navy.

Weapon Blueprints

Breacher Assault Rifle - Includes special Tracer Rounds and eight pre-configured attachments. Built upon a weapon that is viable in most combat situations, the “Breacher” leans into its ability to be kitted for close-quarters, with several attachments coming together to maximize its fire rate on a level that competes with the fastest-firing Submachine Guns.


Snowstorm Rifle - Includes special Tracer Rounds and seven pre-configured attachments. A preferred weapon for one Polina Petrova, this long-range tool can deliver devastating one-shot eliminations with ease. Maximum damage can be achieved through two of the seven attachments on the “Snowstorm,” as a magazine with extra-large caliber bullets and an ammo type that is armor piercing combine to devastate both infantry and vehicular targets.

Thunderhead Submachine Gun - Includes special Tracer Rounds and eight pre-configured attachments. Among these attachments for this accuracy-focused Submachine Gun are an extended magazine with 9mm ammunition, a short barrel that increases fire rate slightly and damage range significantly, and a recoil-boosting muzzle that uses that force to further improve fire rate.

Again, these Vanguard pre order bonuses will unlock as soon as you load up the game on release day. For the blueprints, though, you'll need to unlock Create a Class at level 4 first.

Battle Pass Bundle - Digital Ultimate Edition

Players who pre order the Digital Ultimate Edition will also get on battle pass bundle, which includes the battle pass for one season and 20 tier skips.

It seems like you don't HAVE to use the battle pass for Season 1, but it begins on December 2, so would make sense.

The tier skips will unlock as soon as Season 1 begins.