CoD Vanguard: How to Mute Other Players

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Call of Duty is back once again and Vanguard is taking us back in time. With a dedicated multiplayer, single-player and zombies, there should be tonnes for you to do. If you're playing online with some particularly pesky players, here's how you can mute them.

How to mute players in Vanguard

Muting players is quite an easy thing to do. From the main lobby menu, you can click in the left analogue stick to mute everyone in one go. You can also do that whilst looking at the scoreboard.

vanguard, mute other players

If just one person is annoying you, open up the scoreboard, find their name and click X/A on them to mute them.

vanguard, mute other players

If someone is giving you a lot of grief, Call of Duty has some built-in reporting systems. This is especially valuable if that player is sending you messages or directly harassing you. That being said, the mute button will likely get used on mics playing music more than anything.

Release Date

Call of Duty: Vanguard arrives worldwide on November 5th, though some retail copies are already out there in the wild. If you aren't getting it this way, you will have to wait for the official release.


As this is a yearly franchise, we can expect to see another Call of Duty game next year, likely launching alongside a huge new Warzone update.

When is Season one?

Season one is the first main seasonal event the game will see, coming with new skins, events and much more.

We are expecting it to arrive around December 2nd, a month after the game's launch. We don't know the exact release time just yet so we will update you right here as soon as we know. There should be plenty to do in-game to keep you busy until then.