CoD Vanguard: How to Change Killstreaks

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Call of Duty: Vanguard is the follow up to last year's Black Ops Cold War and finally brings us to World War 2 once more. Its single-player is visceral, zombies are scary, and its multiplayer is hectic. If you want to know more about kill streaks, this is what you should know about how to change them.

How to change killstreaks in Vanguard

Changing kill streaks is easy, earning them is harder. First, you have to boot up the multiplayer itself. You may have to download this by going into the main menu and pressing square / x.


After it's downloaded, go over to the "Weapons" tab and click on the kill streaks option. If you want to manually deselect one option, click X/A on the kill streak. If you want to deselect them all, just click square/X. You will have to work your way all the way up to level 54 if you want to unlock them all but they're well worth it.

What are the best killstreaks?

The best killstreak depends on what class you're running and what kind of playstyle you like. The "Attack Dogs" are a particularly good kill streak that requires ten kills to unlock. It sends a pack of dogs on the ground to take all enemies. If played right, you can get tonnes of kills with this.

If you want one of the higher streaks, you need to earn them. Picking options that make that a little easier is always a good choice. The standard "Spy Plane" at 4 kills pings everyone on the map and is a good way of lining up kills for the future. It won't get those playing ghost but that's not normally a huge problem.

Finally, a standard "Guard Dog" is a great way of keeping yourself alive - capable of taking out enemies and drawing their fire. If you want to stay alive a little longer, this is a great choice.