CoD Vanguard: Best Audio Mix Settings

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Since Call of Duty games can be so fast paced, yet spectacular, is imperative to get your audio settings right. If you're jumping into Vanguard at launch and are wondering what mix to choose for yourself, we've got what you need to know.

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In short, you're going to want to ensure that in-game sounds like footsteps are as audible as possible, so that you know when enemies are near you.


With that in mind, you should try and use headphones while playing Vanguard where possible.

While TV speakers or sound systems work okay, you'll be able to hear your surroundings and other enemies better with a pair of headphones on.

Below, we've laid out the best audio settings for most players. Do note, though, that headphone users may have to turn the master and sound effect volumes down if they're playing with friends, and they may not be able to hear voice chat with the sound set so high. For that, you'll just have to play around with it yourself until you're comfortable.

Best Audio Settings in Vanguard

Below are the settings we've been using. If you're playing with headphones, be sure to set Audio Mix to headphones, although it should be set to that automatically.

  • Master Volume: 100
  • Music Volume: 40
  • Dialogue Volume: 70
  • Sound Effect Volume: 100
  • Hit Marker Volume: 75
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects: Vanguard
  • Audio Mix: Whichever matches what you're using
  • Killstreak Music: On
  • Mono Audio: Off
vanguard, best audio settings
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For options like Killstreak Music, it's up to you, but we'd recommend turning down options like Music and Dialogue Volume because they can often distract from the in-game sounds you're listening for.

You don't want footsteps to be over-powered by someone shouting about an incoming airstrike.

Again, if it's too loud for you in headphones, don't be afraid to turn the master volume down a little.