LATEST CoD Mobile Season 2: Release Time Today, Patch Notes & Counter Intel Event Details

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Season 2 of Warzone Pacific and Vanguard are well underway, with rumours of a King Kong event coming soon. CoD Mobile Season 2, known as Task Force 141, will add a new map and some familiar Operators when it beings this week. We have everything you need to know about CoD Mobile Season 2, including what time it will launch.

Latest - CoD Mobile Seson 2 Release Time

We're just a matter of hours away from launch now. CoD Mobile Season 2 starts on Thursday, February 24 at 12am GMT, or February 23rd at 7pm ET.


You will have to download the update before jumping in and we'll have the full patch notes for you once they're available. Check out the trailer below for the first look at the new season.

New Launch Trailer

Ahead of the release of the Season 2 update, Activision has released a new trailer that shows off all the new stuff coming to CoD Mobile this week.

New Map & Counter Intel Event

The main new features coming with CoD Mobile Season 2 are the new map and Counter Intel event.


The new map is called Hardhat, and Call of Duty fans will likely know that it's from Modern Warfare 3 and a fan favourite among many. It "takes place on a construction site for a new business complex. Much of the map is suited to close quarters combat with its many choke points and unfinished buildings."

As for the Counter Intel Event, the description is pretty vague, but it'll feature players completing tasks to dispel threats from the city. The official description reads:

"Terrorists have seized control of the city and it’s up to players to liberate the city by completing tasks slowly taking over the map one node at a time. Strategic choices are critical to the success of the mission and players will be rewarded for their bravery."

We'll provide more information on what to expect from the event once it's revealed.

Battle Pass

There will also be a load of cosmetics to collect from the CoD Mobile Season 2 battle pass. There will be the following, plus much more:

cod mobile season 2
  • Simon “Ghost” Riley and Kyle “Gaz” Garrick Operators
  • JAK-12 functional weapon
  • Chopper Gunner scorestreak
  • Weapon Blueprints
  • Calling Cards
  • Charms
  • COD Points

The battle pass will go live at the same time as the update, so you'll know exactly what the blueprints look like then.