Vanguard Zombies: Pack A Punch upgrades to replace Weapon Rarity Tiers

Call of Duty Vanguard's Zombies is going to be groundbreaking - Treyarch is doing a lot of things differently with Der Anfang and the "War of the Dead" mode that's coming. We can't wait to learn more, but for now, here's everything you need to know about how Pack a Punch is going to work in this iteration of Call of Duty Zombies.

UPDATED - New Pack a Punch system explained

Treyarch is "streamlining" the weapon upgrades system in Vanguard's Zombies by doing away with Weapon Rarity and just sticking to one set of upgrades.

Unlike Cold War Zombies, each Weapon Tier will now relate to a Pack a Punch level and not Weapon Rarity.

  • White Weapon - Unpacked
  • Blue Weapon - Pack a Punch Tier 1
  • Purple Weapon - Pack a Punch Tier 2
  • Orange Weapon - Pack a Punch Tier 3

Pack a Punch will now cost 7500 for Tier 1, 1500 for Tier 2, and then 30,000 for Tier 3. Oh, and "pre-Packed weapons can now drop from Sturmkriegers or be awarded from the Mystery Box, so it pays to keep an eye out for your next upgrade in the field!"


PACK A PUNCH - Is it also being replaced?

Der Anfang is going to be a strange blend of Outbreak, Onslaught, and traditional round-based Zombies maps and there's a lot that Treyarch is doing differently with this iteration of Call of Duty Zombies.

For one, the Perk-a-Cola machines are being replaced by strange fountains - this isn't something too out of the ordinary for Call of Duty Zombies, though. Perk machines change with the times and that's fine. However, for the most part, the Pack a Punch machine has remained a constant.

So... Is it going to be in Der Anfang and Vanguard's new Zombies mode?

Thankfully, it looks like Pack a Punch WILL be in Vanguard Zombies - well, it's going to be in Der Anfang at the very least. With any luck, we should also be able to make the most of Cold War Zombies' Triple Pack a Punch tier upgrades... That's unconfirmed, though.

In the footage below, which offers us a behind-the-scenes look at what's to come, you can see that the Pack a Punch machine is mentioned explicitly as being part of the "old" that Treyarch is blending with the "new" - like the Altars of the Covenants.

Call of Duty Vanguard is due to release on November 5th - Der Anfang is a continuation of the Dark Aether storyline, but it's going back to where it all began... Projekt Endstation.