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Call of Duty Warzone: Will Private Lobbies change the face of Warzone Esports? When will the public get it?

Following a Dallas Empire tweet, it has been made official that private lobby hosting is now a feature for certain individuals in Warzone.

With this change now announced, the nature of Warzone esports and competitive play could change entirely.

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DUO UP: Who would be your private lobby duo?

But when will we see these private lobbies? And how does this update affect the Black Ops Cold War release?

Let’s jump in and take a look!

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Private Lobbies are in!

Much like Apex Legends earlier this year, Activision has finally implemented private lobbies into Warzone.

Not only will this enable the creation of lobbies for tournaments, we may also see the ability to create our own lobbies with friends.

It is likely that, as seen with the Apex legends competitive scene, many changes will take place in the competitive meta.

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FOLLOWING SUIT: Apex Legends initially introduced private lobbies earlier this year

With lobbies of 150, potentially filled with the best players in the world for their respective region, play will have to slow down.

No longer will it simply be a case of running into random players around Verdansk, competitors will run into strictly other professionals.

End zones will likely be packed with action, as teams of exceptionally skilled players compete for valuable placement points.


When will we see these private lobbies?

Whilst the only comparison, Apex Legends, still doesn’t have private lobbies for players, it is now possible to sign up for open private scrims on sites such as GLL.

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Warzone would likely follow the same route, prioritising official competition over the cost-inefficient manner of providing private lobbies for all.

This doesn’t mean that we will never see private lobbies, but for the foreseeable future, we likely won’t have them.

How does this affect Black ops Cold War?

With Warzone now a standalone title, we are hoping that major updates such as this one won’t affect the Black ops Cold War timeline.

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A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES: Warzone will also be available in Black Ops Cold War

It does mean, however, that BOCW Warzone could release with private lobbies as standard.

This would be a significant draw for new players and could see the player base for BOCW Warzone grow significantly.


Private Lobby release and BOCW release

There is, as of right now no time for a private lobby update release. When we know about one, you will too!

Black ops Cold War will launch on Friday November 13 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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