Is Warzone going to get a Season 7 update in December 2021?

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Black Ops Cold War is coming to the end of its lifetime - Sledgehammer Games' Vanguard is due to release next month and this has everyone questioning the future of Treyarch's 80s Call of Duty title. It also has us asking a lot of questions about Warzone... Is Warzone going to get a Season 7 update in December? Here's what we know.

Is Warzone getting a Season 7 update?

At the moment, Warzone Season 7 hasn't been confirmed to be on the way - or confirmed to not be on the way - but we do know a few things about the future of Warzone.


Warzone is going to integrate with Call of Duty Vanguard during its first season of content - this is almost a carbon copy of how Black Ops Cold War integrated with Warzone last year.

Vanguard Season 1 is expected to start around three weeks after the launch of Vanguard and we expect Warzone to follow suit, after the integration, and get its third Season 1 - not a Season 7.

Vanguard integration is going to bring a new set of weapons to Warzone, a new main map, and a PC-based anti-cheat system that should help deal with Warzone's hacker problems.


The new Warzone map is going to be set in the 1940s - much like how Verdansk '84 is set in the same time period as Black Ops Cold War - and it should feature a dynamic Pacific Island environment. We've seen a few images so far, but nothing too drastic.

Warzone Season 7
MOUNTAIN - We think this will be Out Of Bounds...

In addition to this, the new set of weapons should replace all the floor loot in Warzone going forwards - again, this is how Black Ops Cold War's integration was handled and we don't know why they would change this formula. Warzone's future is being slowly detailed and we should learn more ahead of Vanguard's release on November 5th.