Has Raven Software just nerfed the annoying Roze skin too much?

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We know this isn't exactly the best strategy to use, but Warzone players have been finding that all-black Operator skins are better to use than colourful ones. If anything, that's just logic.

However, there was one skin that was particularly troubling and now it looks like Raven Software has issued a nerf for the Roze skin that was causing everyone so much grief. The only thing is that now... It looks almost too ridiculous.

Warzone's Roze Skin Nerf Looks Dumb

Raven Software has had a tough time with Warzone and the way the lighting works with the Operators has always been an issue. It makes them look a lot worse than they do on Black Ops Cold War. At least now, it doesn't seem to be an issue that's limited to Black Ops Cold War Operators.

Here's what the Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes said about the change:

  • Roze’s Rook skin has received material updates to increase visibility.

Following the update, with the above changes, the Roze skin that everyone hates looks like this:

Yeah. We don't want to sound too harsh but that's not right is it? The black wet-work inspired outfit is now a light grey that pops out from dark corners. We understand that seeing it in darker areas was an issue, but surely everyone can admit that this is just a bit stupid.

If you do use the Roze skin, you're going to be ridiculously visible indoors now and it just makes Warzone look even worse graphically.

Roze Skin nerf Warzone Velikan
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NOT THE ONLY BLACK SKIN - There's plenty of black-outfit Operator skins in Warzone, so why is Roze suddenly grey?

It's a shame, but Raven Software appears to be dropping the ball time and time again when it comes to addressing issues the fans are raising and dealing with Treyarch's Black Ops Cold War content in-game.

We are fully expecting this to be changed going forwards... Roze shouldn't be invisible, but she also shouldn't be lit up like a lightbulb.