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UPDATED Warzone Pacific Season 2 Update Release Time: UK & US Details

Warzone Pacific Season 2 is now live, and thanks to the delay there's a lot of new stuff included in the update. A Valentine's Day gift from Call of Duty, Warzone Season 2 will have plenty of characters, weapons and a shiny new battle pass to start working on. Below, we have all the details on the Warzone Pacific Season 2 update release time, whether you're in the US or UK.

LATEST - Warzone Pacific Season 2 Release Time

Warzone Pacific Season 2 is now live, releasing Monday, 14 February at 09:00 PT / 12:00 ET / 17:00 GMT.

What can we expect in Warzone Pacific Season 2?

Perhaps the most anticipated feature coming to Warzone Pacific Season 2 is the inclusion of the Nebula V gas. A zoning tool, Nebula V is expected to act like the fog that gradually closes in on players and reduces the map size, blurred vision and gradual damage included.

Nebula V will be a versatile feature, with players making crucial decisions whether to eradicate or harness it as a weapon.

The Nebula V bomb is perhaps the most dangerous inclusion coming to Caldera (incidentally, where the gas is manufactured) and even has a Chemical Factory close to the Mines. Unable to be disabled or destroyed, it effectively takes up a large area and will halt players' progress, unless, that is, they want to risk the damage.

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For players in need of a new mode, Caldera Clash might be just what you're looking for. It's a simple deathmatch where players have to rack up the kills for points with their own custom loadouts from the very start.

Another new inclusion is the Redeploy Balloon. A utility tool, players will soon be heading skyward and use make their way to their new optimal position. But there's no reward without risk. The Redeploy Balloon can be destroyed, and it may cost you a pretty penny to get it up and running again.

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